Denver Nuggets Dancers | Meet Kristin

Kristin is a third-year veteran with the Denver Nuggets Dancers (DND), and she could not be more excited to be back representing her home state’s NBA team.

Kristin began dancing at the young age of three years. She was a competitive dancer until she graduated high school and then taught dance in college. She auditioned for the Wild Bunch and danced for them for a year. Her earliest memory of dance was of her competing and performing her first solo. She performed a tap solo to the song ‘Baby Take a Bow’, not only did she dance, but she sang the words. “I wore the cutest all white one piece that had feather and silver sequins all over. That was the last time I sang in front of people, but kept with the dancing” she said.

Kristin is a Colorado native and grew up in a small town called Ellicott. She attended Colorado State University and majored in apparel merchandising, which is different than her current profession in real estate. “I loved learning everything about merchandising while in college, but the buying side of it was the most interesting. It kept me on my toes and always wanting to improve at it,” she said. When it comes to real estate she says, “I love that every day is something new.” She has learned that there are so many different elements in the process of buying or selling, “It’s a challenge that I love facing.”

Although Kristin is busy with her career, she makes sure to make time for Nuggets. There are so many memories she has made, but making the team was her favorite. She worked hard and never gave up at becoming a member of the DND and it has changed her life. “I have created amazing friendships and many laughs while on this team and I wouldn’t change it for anything,” she says, “I focus on what is happening day by day. Dancing professionally is something I have worked extremely hard for and understand that it isn’t something I will be able to do forever. So, for me, I try to be as available as possible for games, appearances and practices. I realize that this is the time to be giving it all I have, and I won’t have these opportunities later in life. I work with a very flexible schedule day by day.”

“Everything happens for a reason” is a quote Kristin believes in. To her it means that you may not know why something happened or what could happen, and it may take a while to understand, but it will all be worth it when the time is right.

We are lucky to have Kristin as a member of the DND, and can always count on her to put her best dancing foot forward.