Denver Nuggets Dancers | Meet Katherine

Katherine is a rookie this season with the Denver Nuggets Dancers (DND). She was born and raised north of Dallas in Plano, Texas. She moved to Colorado five years ago because she always loved the mountains. “There's just something about the clean, mountain air that makes me so happy. I also love having all 4 seasons every year - you don't get that in Texas!” she says.

Katherine took a few introductory tap and ballet classes when she was about three or four years old. “I remember the yellow and black sequin costume we wore for our recital, I cried every time I put it on because it was so itchy! My mom had to sew in an extra layer of fabric just so I would keep it on!” she says. Katherine didn't find her passion for dance until high school, after she had retired from ten years of competitive gymnastics. She decided to audition for the Colorado Mammoth Wild Bunch Dancers and made the team; she had a blast and made a ton of great memories. Her favorite memory of being a Denver Nuggets Dancer so far has to be the “Home opener, hands down!” she says, “Getting to dance in front of thousands of fans while cheering on our team is an indescribable feeling, unlike any other. I will never forget the vibrant energy from the crowd and the feeling of nervous-excitement and adrenaline coursing through my veins the first time I ran out and took the court!”

Katherine loves the quote "Work hard and have faith". She loves this quote because she believes that, “With a lot of hard work and a little bit of faith, anything is possible!” she exclaims. We are so proud to call her one of our very own DND.