Denver Nuggets Dancers | Meet Ashley

Ashley is a rookie this season with the Denver Nuggets Dancers (DND). She is originally from Livermore, California, but her parents decided to move to Colorado when was only five months old. She started with training in gymnastics, but when her coach told her she couldn’t dance on the floor, she decided to start something new. So as a freshman in high school, she auditioned for a spot on the Varsity Poms team, made it, and fell in love with dance ever since.

Outside of being a DND, Ashley works at a restaurant in Bolder as a hostess, and is going to school for botanical and medical aesthetics. Her favorite part about work is socializing with people, and learning their stories. “It’s great to be a part of an environment that allows me to communicate with others and just enjoy the day.” she says. She balances practices, games, school, and work by taking it day by day and having a “game plan”. “I have a calendar in my closet that tells me all the events I need to be at; work I’m scheduled for, and time put aside to study. I’m a very organized person, so it’s not too difficult.”

So far, her favorite memory being on the Denver Nuggets Dancers was the opening night half time ceremony. She says, “I was blessed to be a part of the halftime show honoring the Legends and their accomplishments. Being a part of their memories and awards was something truly amazing!”

One quote that Ashley lives by is, “You can’t start the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one”. That quote is very important to her because, “We always have to move forward with an open mind instead of being stuck in the past.” she says.