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2021-22 City Edition Mixtape Jersey

The launch of the 2021-22 Nike NBA City Edition uniforms represents legacy remixed: a tribute to the game’s most iconic moments – and a preview of how Nike is redefining sport for a new generation.

A compilation of each franchise’s greatest hits, inspiration moments included In the ABA’s final season in 1976 when the Nuggets were the team to beat. In the ‘80s, our fast-breaking style broke scoring records and set fans afire. In the ‘90s, we finger-wagged our way to the biggest playoff upset in league history.

Uniform details from each of those moments are included in this year’s City Edition: The iconic rainbow tetris pattern returns on the sides, shorts and neckline. Maxie the Miner, the team’s original mascot, dances on the belt buckle. The taping and waistbands are remixed from that 1994 Cinderella team. The navy blue evokes both the 1983 and 1994 teams, and the diamond insert pays homage to the classic 1975-76 ABA team. The “Mile High Basketball” anthem signifies that the highest highs are yet to come.



Left Short Vent

ABA Era,
Denver Rockets

Belt Buckle

Maxie Miner Mascot

21-22 City Edition Logo

Representing NBA 75

Trim: Neck, side arm, waist band

Baby Blue Era

Rainbow Diamond

Original Rainbow Skyline Era

Mountain Element & 5280

Current Era
Mile High Basketball

Preview the new City Edition line, on-sale November 15th!


See the new jerseys in action on City Edition nights – purchase tickets below!

Saturday, Nov. 6 @ 3:00pm

vs. Houston Rockets

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Friday, Nov. 26 @ 7:00pm

vs. Milwaukee Bucks

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Thursday, Dec. 30 @ 7:30pm

vs. Golden State Warriors

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Saturday, Jan. 15 @ 7:00pm

vs. Los Angeles Lakers

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Sunday, Feb. 6 @ 1:30pm

vs. Brooklyn Nets

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Tuesday, Mar. 22 @ 8:00pm

vs. Los Angeles Clippers

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