Playoffs 2018 East First Round: Raptors (1) vs. Wizards (8)

Washington Wizards remain confident as Game 2 vs. Toronto Raptors nears

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The Washington Wizards find themselves in a 1-0 series hole after falling in Game 1 of their series to the Toronto Raptors. Yet even after that loss, the Wizards don’t feel they are that far off from tying up the series in tonight’s Game 2.

In their minds, the Wizards believe the kind of monster games Serge Ibaka (23 points and 12 rebounds), Delon Wright (11 fourth-quarter points) and others had might not be as replicable tonight. Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun has more on the Wizards’ mindset and confidence as tonight’s game nears:

“I thought we over-helped (leaving others unattended),” said all-star point guard John Wall. “The role players are going to make those open shots and we gave them a lot of opportunities to do that.”

Bradley Beal, Washington’s other top player, indicated that he and his teammates didn’t follow the scouting report well enough.

“Attention to detail. Knowing who you are guarding. Just make sure that we are constantly playing our game-plan, our pace, sticking to what works,” said Beal, rhyming off what needs to change.

“It’s almost like two different paces to the game. Their starters are a bit slower and their bench comes in (and goes faster). (We) have to know what their capabilities and tendencies are.”

“I basically got wherever I wanted. I missed a couple of easy shots, easy layups. I feel like I got fouled on some of them, but I’ve still got to make them,” Wall said. “I got shots, I got shots for my teammates. Other than a couple of careless turnovers, I got what I wanted.”

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