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Washington Wizards shut down talk John Wall, Bradley Beal are not liked

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Washington Wizards point guard John Wall and Dallas Mavericks point guard J.J. Barea got into it in their postgame comments after Monday’s game. In short, Wall called Barea a “little midget” and Barea said of Wall: “I don’t think his teammates like him, either.”

Wall is an All-Star once again and his backcourt partner, Bradley Beal, is one at long last, too. That duo will take the Wizards as far as they are going to go this season and their leadership will be paramount to whatever the Wizards achieve. And, to set the record straight, their teammates spoke up on Wednesday to defend the duo and how much they look to them night in and night out. Candace Buckner of The Washington Post has more:

While both try to lead by example — such as getting up extra shots after practice — Wall and Beal bring contrasting styles.

“They’re still fairly young guys … a lot of times those guys lead by example,” Markieff Morris said. “Even myself, I’m a leader by example more than actually having to say it. But John, he’s our leader. Our overall leader. His voice is heard the most. When [Beal] says stuff, you listen because B don’t say much. That’s how it goes for us.”

Beal rolled his eyes and waved his hand dismissively when reminded of Barea’s comments.

“He’s just talking. He’s not in our locker room. He’s not around us,” he said. “I understand you mad because of what John said, what he called you, but don’t speak on something you don’t know about.”

Morris was even more colorful while sticking up for Wall.

“[Expletive] J.J. Barea,” Morris said. “He ain’t a part of this team. He don’t know the teammates. He don’t even know us. Like, how do you know if we like him or not? What is he talking about? [Expletive] J.J. I heard he was a good dude but you know, you come at my teammate — [expletive] him. Straight like that.”

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