Indiana traded Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, Sarunas Jasikevicius and Josh Powell to Golden State for Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, Ike Diogu and Keith McLeod on Jan. 17.

Read the reactions from coaches, scouts and around the Web on the eight-player trade:

Coach Kevin Loughery's analysis

Why Now?
: The most obvious thing about this trade is that both teams have been disappointed so far with how their seasons have played out with Indiana sitting at 20-18 and Golden State at 19-20. Indiana brought back Al Harrington via free agency prior to this season and he hasnít fit in how theyíd hoped.

Steven Jackson, despite his talent, has caused Indiana problems off the court, most notably during the preseason, which is something that I would worry about if I was Golden State. This will be his fifth team in a little over six seasons (New Jersey, San Antonio, Atlanta, Indiana) which makes you wonder why a guy with his talent keeps getting moved. Oddly enough Harrington was traded by Indiana in 2004 to Atlanta for Stephen Jackson. This might be the first time in the league that two guys were traded for one another and then traded again together.

Who Made Out Best?
: This is a pretty equal trade as far as the top four players Ė Harrington, Jackson, Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy. I think all of them will play better with their new teams. Murphy and Dunleavy will play better in the East where itís more of a slow down, halfcourt game. Murphy never fit Don Nelsonís type of player. He likes more versatile players with quickness. Jackson and Harrington will fit that much better and will enjoy playing in the open court game of Nelson and the West much better. On the back end of the deal, Golden State has a slight edge getting Josh Powell and Sarunas Jasikevicius.

The Don Nelson Factor
: Don Nelson has control in Golden State and he is going to do what he thinks is best for his team. In the past he has always made moves. He isnít one to stand still once he figures that things arenít working out properly, which I think is the right way to do it. Why go with a club youíre not comfortable with?

Analysis: Eastern Conference Scout

Thumbs up to Golden State
"When you look at this trade, I think Golden State got the better of this deal, to be honest. The reason I say that is, Mike Dunleavy, No. 1, I don't think he's a tough kid, he's an inconsistent player. I think he was kind of lost out in Golden State. I think of change of venue will do him well, but to me, I don't see him as a major part of any team.

"Being in the East, I'm glad the Pacers made the trade. I always thought Al Harrington was a matchup problem for anybody. He can play the three and some five. To me, Dunleavy will have some spurts, but he's been so inconsistent. I don't even think he shoots free throws all that well."

Murphy will take pressure off O'Neal
"Troy Murphy can spread the floor, and with Jermaine O'Neal down low that will help him. I think Murphy is an improvement on an Austin Croshere-type player. He can rebound and still shoot the ball pretty well. He'll do the pick-and-pop pretty well, and I think he's a nice addition. Murphy is a good guy who'll get eight to 10 rebounds per night and can score 15 a game, especially when he's healthy.

"Up front, O'Neal may not like this trade because he'll say these guys were his buddies and he lobbied for Al Harrington to come back to Indiana, but in the end he'll like it. Murphy's not the type of guy to demand the ball, he won't demand it as much as Harrington did and as much as Jackson did. Right now, Jermaine looks a little lost. He can still get you 18 and 10, but with Harrington also posting up down low, they were posting up on top of each other. So, I think Jermaine will improve with this trade."

What do the Warriors get?
"In Stephen Jackson, you're getting rid of problem, which is good for them because the people of Indiana, a Midwestern state, I think it's a perception of him more than anything. With Harrington, it's a surprise to me that they are getting rid of him and Sarunas Jasikevicius, too. I know Larry Bird was a huge Jasikevicius fan. I know he was on Rick a lot last year about playing him. Bird wanted him to play a lot, but Rick thought he was a defensive liability."

Like the style, but will he get the shots?
"I think at Golden State, Jackson'll do well because that's his style, get up and go and get up some shots. I think Jackson could struggle out there though, with Monta Ellis, who's playing as well as he has been, and Baron Davis and Jason Richardson, Jackson may not get the touches he wants. They have a bunch of guys who like to get shots. And then there's Jasikevicius, who also likes the ball in his hands."

Harrington on the down low
"I think Al will be all right as well. He gives them a little post up presence. He can play two positions, nearly three positions -- even the five at times. He'll definitely help them, because he can shoot it from outside and they can go to him down low and can draw the foul and go to the free throw line for them.

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