2017-18 Stat Leaders: Top scorers off drives to rim

The following list is comprised of the top 10 players of 2017-18 who averaged the most points off drives to the rim. To qualify, players must have been on the court for at least half of the season’s 82 games.

1. James Harden, 11.5 points

The reigning Kia MVP winner scored 826 points when driving to the basket, the most by any player in five seasons of player tracking.

Drives per game: 17.1

Field goal percentage: 52.8 percent

Dennis Schroder, 9.4 points

The lane will be busy in Oklahoma City as the Thunder now have the league-leader in shots attempted off drives (8.0) in Dennis Schroder and drives per game (19.2) in Russell Westbrook.

Drives per game: 16.4

Field goal percentage: 47.3

3. DeMar DeRozan, 9.2 points

The Toronto Raptors led the league in drives per game, with much credit going to the new, penetrating San Antonio Spurs shooting guard.

Drives per game: 16.3

Field goal percentage: 49.6

4. LeBron James, 8.3 points

Another lane-slashing specialist who switched teams this summer, LeBron James is bringing the NBA’s highest field goal percentage on drives (among qualifiers) to Los Angeles.

Drives per game: 11.7

Field goal percentage: 60.3

5. Russell Westbrook, 8.1 points

Always in attack mode, the 10-year veteran point guard has spent the last two seasons leading the league in drives per game.

Drives per game: 19.2

Field goal percentage: 49.6

6. Kyrie Irving, 7.9 points

Finishing at the rim has never been a problem for the deft ball-handler, who skillfully executes floaters and finger rolls after uniquely driving past his defender.

Drives per game: 11.6

Field goal percentage: 53.7

7. Donovan Mitchell, 7.5 points

No rookie has averaged this many points since drives started being recorded. His production will only increase from here, especially as he learns how to draw more fouls.

Drives per game: 13.3

Field goal percentage: 47.1

T-8. Jimmy Butler, 7.4 points

Drives per game: 12.1

Field goal percentage: 51.5

T-8. Jrue Holiday, 7.4 points

Drives per game: 12.3

Field goal percentage: 55.4

T-8. Damian Lillard, 7.4 points

Drives per game: 12.6

Field goal percentage: 45.3

To see the full list of qualifying players click here.