Stephen Curry performs usual trick shot magic... with his foot

From NBA Twitter reports

It’s a good thing kicking isn’t allowed in basketball. Otherwise, Stephen Curry might have yet another way to make ridiculously awesome shots no one else can make.

The Warriors star guard is well renowned for his pregame routines, which include heaving shots from the player tunnels that hit nothing but net.

On Friday, Curry took his trick shot artistry to a whole new level, kicking a basketball from the sideline of one practice court all the way down to the third practice court in the gym. It hit bottom, prompting Curry to run a celebratory lap while other Warriors players and staff members laughed hysterically.

Kicking trick shots is a new thing from Curry, and it’s worth wondering whether one two-time Kia MVP — player development consultant Steve Nash, who made soccer-style shots a staple of his during his NBA career — is influencing the two-time MVP.