Report: Cavaliers reject Knicks' proposed Carmelo Anthony-for-Kevin Love deal

The Knicks tried unsuccessfully to jump start trade talks to send Carmelo Anthony to the Cavaliers for Kevin Love, ESPN.com reported, one of dozens of conversations that will take place around the league that never gain traction with the trade deadline about a month away.

The Cavaliers understandably rejected the proposal, with Love a major reason they are in first place in the Eastern Conference even amid struggles the last couple weeks. LeBron James has put pressure on general manager David Griffin to improve the roster, but by calling for help at point guard, not for Anthony’s role as a scoring forward.

The biggest takeaway from the report is the Knicks are looking into moving Anthony, as opposed to his name coming up when other teams call. Any Melo conversation would come with the same disclaimer: He has a no-trade clause and likes New York.