From Bosnia-Herzegovina (Chicago Bulls)

Q: You were supposed to be the center of the Chicago Bulls team but were injured when you came to camp. Do you think they missed your presence in their first game?

Zukan: I'm a little disappointed that I cannot play, but the injury happened just before I came here. If I played the team probably would have done a little better than what we did in the first game.

Q: What are you going to take home with you from the camp?

Zukan: Beautiful memories and especially the great gear that we get to keep!

Q: Have you got a chance to talk to some of the kids from other nationalities?

Zukan: I share a room with a guy from Serbia and Macedonia and we just hang out like if we had always been together.

Q: Are you still going to keep in touch with them after the camp?

Zukan: We are going to exchange e-mail addressed, telephone numbers and addresses so we will definitely keep in touch.


From Bosnia-Herzegovina (Indiana Pacers)

Q: You were a major factor in your team's win in the final. How does it feel to have defeated the heavily favored Sacramento Kings team?

Duranovic: It is fabulous to have won and to be the best of the four teams here at the camp. The Kings underestimated us in the final and they paid for it.

Q: What memories will you take home from this camp?

Duranovic: I will never forget the NBA players, our coach Zan Tabak, and especially my teammates.

Q: Did you make many friends at the camp and will you keep in touch with them?

Duranovic: Yes, I made many friends here and I will try and keep in touch with them as long as possible.