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Philadelphia 76ers work to keep spirits high amid numerous injuries

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Brett Brown knows how to survive through a tough stretch with a thin roster, and we’re talking about the Philadelphia 76ers’ current stretch without a fully healthy roster and not the past few years of “The Process.” But that’s as good a place to start as any of the Sixers, who lost in Cleveland Saturday night without Joel Embiid and others available.

Brown doesn’t have the luxury of wondering what could be if he had a healthy roster, not with the Sixers having accelerated their own internal timelines with this team, courtesy of the playoff Embiid, rookie Ben Simmons and others. The games come quickly, they suit up again today in New Orleans, so there is no time to lament. Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Daily News explains Brown’s dilemma:

Markelle Fultz remains sidelined while recovering from right shoulder problems and Justin Anderson has been sidelined with left shin splints.

Jerryd Bayless (left wrist contusion), Redick (lower back tightness), Simmons (left elbow soreness), and Holmes (left-wrist fracture) have also been sidelined for at least one game with an injury.

Being undermanned may have played a role in the Sixers’ previous two games in which they lost at home to the Los Angeles Lakers (Thursday) and Phoenix Suns (Monday). It surely handicapped any chance of an upset against the Cavs.

“Yes, I do. Of course, I do,” Brown responded to being asked if he even wondered what it would be like to remain healthy. “But like, then you just move on. You come to the gym. You look at who you got and you have faith in what you got.”

He acknowledged that the Sixers took a hit Saturday night. Perhaps trying to keep his squad’s spirits up, Brown went on to talk about the excitement and competitive appeal of playing undermanned.

But ..

“Yes, I do think about it,” he said. “Yes, at times, it does get a little bit disturbing. But that’s life in 82 games.”

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