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New season brings new rules, a new official and new points of education

If there’s one constant in the NBA, it’s evolution.

A watchful eye will reveal just how much the game is changing. From the league-wide reshaping of traditional team strategies to the visual look of the game — think updated uniforms and new, relaxed rules on in-game sneakers — the NBA is taking on a new feel for a new era.

The way the game is officiated is shifting, too.

Under the latest modifications, the NBA is instituting three revised rules. First, the shot clock will now reset to 14 seconds on offensive rebounds instead of 24 seconds. In addition, the definition of a clear path foul has been simplified to reduce judgment calls by officials. Lastly, referees will have an expanded ability to review “hostile acts” by players and coaches.

New rules won’t be all that NBA officials welcome this season as there will be a new referee joining the team. Brandon Adair comes to the NBA with two years of referee experience in the G League and four years at the collegiate level. The Virginia native also played two seasons of professional basketball in Germany.

This season’s Points of Education promise to focus on three key areas: freedom of movement on the perimeter and in the post, respect for the game and traveling.

The emphasis on freedom of movement is geared toward cutting down on arm wraps, grabbing and dislodging by both offensive and defensive players. The respect for the game guidelines have further identified gestures and reactions by both players and coaches that go against proper game decorum.

Air punches and overt yelling will result in a technical foul. Controlled, heat-of-the-moment reactions that aren’t demonstrative will be accepted. Officials will also pay closer attention to a player’s pivot foot. Traveling will be called in any instance where a pivot foot is switched or picked up prior to dribbling.

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