While preparing for NBA China Games 2007, Orlando Magic guard Jameer Nelson chatted with NBA.com from Shanghai.

NBA.com: Howís the flight?

Jameer Nelson: Our flight was good, it was long but itís good to be on the plane with my teammates and much I cared for. We have fun on the plane, as much as we could.

NBA.com: How do you think about China so far?

Jameer Nelson: I like it. Of course different from where I come from, but you know itís good to see different places and different things.

NBA.com: Have you tried any Chinese food yet?

Jameer Nelson: Yes I did, I tried some last night. We went to a restaurant, I am not sure about the name of it, itís pretty good, itís a lot better than the Chinese food I ever had.

NBA.com: About Dwight Howard.

Jameer Nelson: I think Dwight is a young player, but he works so hard, if he is not the best right now, I donít know who is.

NBA.com: What you looking for in the next 7-8 days?

Jameer Nelson: Well, you know we still in training camp, in preseason, so we have a lot of work to do as a team. But I also look for a little sight-seeing and explore the city a little bit and see what Chinaís life about.

NBA.com: You averaged 2.4 turnovers per game last season, but in the last 3 games, you sent out 20 assists and only 3 turnovers.

Jameer Nelson: Yes. I think thatís one of the focus that I had coming in this season, you know cut down my turnovers , take care of the ball a lot better and help my team get better score opportunity.

NBA.com: What are the biggest differences between this yearís training camp and the past?

Jameer Nelson: The new coach. No (laughing), this yearís training camp is a little more tense but itís also a lot more fun. I think we got a lot more accomplish this year than I have in previous years. So like I said itís all fun but at the end of the day we got a lot of works done.

NBA.com: What had coach Van Gundy told you, what he wants from you?

Jameer Nelson: He wants me to raise my tensity level, play with a lot of energy and play basketball with confidence.

NBA.com: What kind of player Rashard Lewis is? What he brings to the team?

Jameer Nelson: Rashard is unique. He is a big guy about 6-10, 6-11, and out there on the court he almost like a guard. You know you can give him the ball and he can make play for himself and others, which is unique because not many guys out there can do this. He is a great teammate, great person.

NBA.com: What you been working on this summer?

Jameer Nelson: I always work on my jump shot, this year I worked a lot on ball handling, and there is a lot of moves that help my decision made.

NBA.com: JJ. Redick has been doing great recently.

Jameer Nelson: Yes, I think itís attribute to the offense that we run, you know we have a open court offense, we make a lot of plays, a lot of one-on-one play. And he is such a great shooter, when people collapse on Dwight, they come to defense Rashard, Hedo and myself, so he is wide open, he knows itís a easy 3-point shot then.

NBA.com: I know you have a tattoo says ďAccomplish Everything Without FearĒ, so no fear?

Jameer Nelson: No fear! I donít see any reason to fear anybody of anything, I think we are all human beings, you are doing the same things, so you reason to fear then.

NBA.com: Whatís your personal goal for the next season?

Jameer Nelson: I donít never say any individual goals, if I have to say something for myself I would definitely said I understand of myself to help my team, being in a better position they we were last year.

NBA.com: Which team is going to win it all from the West?

Jameer Nelson: I am not sure who gonna win from the West, but I can tell you who gonna win from the East.

NBA.com: Orlando Magic.

Jameer Nelson: Of course.

NBA.com: So the Orlando Magic is going to win the division?

Jameer Nelson: I donít see why we couldnít.

NBA.com: What is the biggest change of this team from last year?

Jameer Nelson: I think is the style of play. You know we up and down, we play a lot up-tempo. Itís just not throw the ball to Dwight and everybody watch. When he gets the ball, he is in score position.

NBA.com: Who is your favorite player before you joining the NBA?

Jameer Nelson: My favorite player of all time is Charles Barkley, but my favorite player in the NBA right now is Kobe Bryant.

NBA.com: To you, which player is the most difficult to guard?

Jameer Nelson: Myself (Laughing), NuhÖI think you have guys like Steve Nash, Allen Iverson, you know all of the guys in that category are very very good players, and hard to guard, hard to figure out. So what you have to do is play hard, play with intensity against those of guys, when they come at you, you just right back at them.

NBA.com: When you first signed with the Magic, did you envision your role being what it is today?

Jameer Nelson: I think so. I thought eventually I could be a starting point guard in the NBA, and for the Magic. You know, so far I accomplish, I accomplish that in my career, I want accomplish more.

NBA.com: When your shots are not falling, what do you do to keep your head up and maintain your confidence for the next shot?

Jameer Nelson: You shoot the next one. You know you canít pass that shot because you missed five in a row. If you missed five in a row, you always have things positive think this sixth one is gonna go in.