LeBron James dons Chicago Cubs uniform after losing wager to Dwyane Wade

We all know LeBron James is a gracious winner and now we can call him a gracious loser as well. Or maybe a “lovable loser,” a term that Cubs fans once knew all too well.

But the Cubs are now World Series champs and LeBron paid his debt to Chicago resident and close friend Dwyane Wade by appearing in a Cubs uniform Friday, taking a slow walk from the team bus to the visitor’s locker room at the United Center while Wade giggled.

The Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians last month and, purely by coincidence, rallied from a 3-1 deficit, much like LeBron and the Cavs did against the Warriors last June. It was a humbling experience for LeBron, who appeared at a few Series games in Cleveland and was very expressive as he rooted for the hometown team.

He and Wade, obviously, are close from their days as teammates with the Heat and thus a friendly wager was made prior to the Series. Had he lost, we can assume Wade would’ve worn a Tribe cap and uniform when the Bulls played in Cleveland.

LeBron took it in stride, quite literally, as he was trailed by a swarm of cameras that came along to document the event for historical purposes. And expect to see lots of cardboard cutouts of LeBron wearing Cubs gear should baseball see a Series repeat next October.

LeBron can at least take solace in this: He’s really a Yankees fan at heart, so the depth of his despair was only so deep.