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Joel Embiid insists no shade thrown in Golden State Warriors tweet social media reports

Joel Embiid has never shied from a social media confrontation, but he insists his latest post directed toward another team was nothing but respectful.

The Sixers center took to Twitter the day after Philadelphia forfeited a 24-point lead to the Golden State Warriors, a defeat which included a 47-point onslaught from the defending champions in the third quarter alone. That was enough to suddenly and dramatically undo the 76ers own 45-point first quarter.

Warriors superstar forward Kevin Durant considered the comeback worth more than a single victory: he also admitted a Sixers win likely would have Embiid going “straight to Twitter and started talking [expletive].”

Turns out Embiid didn’t even need a win for that. The loquacious big man took to Twitter and Instagram to express his thoughts on the defeat and respect to his opponent. In the process (no Sixers pun intended), however, Embiid unintentionally hinted at how Philadelphia’s loss was a one-game reminder of the big lead the Warriors enjoyed in the 2016 NBA Finals — a 3-1 series advantage that disappeared just as effectively as the Sixers’ lead did on Saturday night.

Everything is extremely well put and respectful, but NBA fans and observers immediately interpreted the first line as an indirect slight towards the Warriors’ 2016 NBA Finals collapse. Embiid, however, insisted it was nothing of the sort, tweeting: “why is everyone making fun of my tweet? I was reflecting on what happened last night #TrustIt.”