Joel Embiid, Russell Westbrook continue trash talk after triple-overtime thriller

From NBA Twitter and media reports

Russell Westbrook will not be trolled.

Fed up with Joel Embiid’s antics, Westbrook elevated his game and, after the final buzzer, mocked Embiid with a smile and a wave.

“I was telling him, ‘Go home,'” Westbrook said.

Embiid annoyed Westbrook earlier in the game when the 76ers big man waved goodbye toward the crowd after Oklahoma City center Steven Adams fouled out. Westbrook got the last laugh, posting a huge triple-double (27 points, 18 rebounds, 15 assists) as the Thunder prevailed 119-117 in triple overtime.

As usual, Embiid got the last word, saying he wishes he could take 33 shots:

“He told me to go home. I mean this is my home, so I guess it’s time for him to go home. They won the game, I give them a lot of credit, he did a lot of things, but the dude shot like 10 of 33. I wish I would have shot 33 times, I guess we would have had a better chance of actually winning the game. But you know, he told me to go home, and this is my home and I ain’t going nowhere.”

Indeed, it was the game that kept on giving.