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Jalen Rose calls Paul Pierce 'petty' on ESPN for Isaiah Thomas tribute comments

From NBA Twitter and media reports

Everyone seems to have an opinion regarding the night of Boston’s retirement ceremony for Paul Pierce and their planned-but-pulled-back-again video tribute for Isaiah Thomas.

On Tuesday, Pierce’s former teammate Rajon Rondo chimed in and questioned why a video for Thomas was even being considered, asking “What has he done?” for the organization.

On the other side, a significant part of the responses have been backlash at Pierce’s expense for stating he’d like that night be dedicated to him and him only, and that a 60-second clip of Thomas’ highlights on the jumbotron during a timeout would be out of line.

Former NBA player and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose was the latest to express those views, calling Pierce “petty” on live television with the former Celtic on set to hear his sentiments.

“[Thomas] was a part of them being a No. 1 seed, he had tragedy with the team, he even played in a playoff game after his sister tragically passed away. Next, I gotta say a word for you, fam. I think it was petty, on Paul Pierce’s part — I love Paul, this is my brother — because to me, there are gonna be all types of announcements to happen in the 48 minutes of that game. All types, including celebrating Isaiah Thomas could be one of them. But that does not take away from your situation like Kobe’s that happened during the game because they’re doing yours postgame.”

Care for more retired-versus-current-player drama? Thomas, who wrote on Twitter that he no longer hopes to see a tribute, happened to ‘like’ a video on Instagram that featured Rose’s comments.

Pierce deserves endless praise on Feb. 11 for his 15 seasons in Boston and his wish was easily granted. But considering this conversation has gone on for weeks now, should the one-minute clip have been preferred at this point?

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