HBCU Student Showcase: Mia Moore

Moore is a senior Art - Electronic Studio major from The Woodlands, Texas currently attending the illustrious Howard University.

Theme: HBCU Experience and Pride

In my composition I wanted to capture the elation and pride experienced in the moment students are accepted to an HBCU. This happiness stems from a desire to learn more about our heritage and the opportunity to participate in a legacy of greatness established by past alumni. I wanted to document this legacy by capturing students past and present in combination with major elements of HBCU campus culture, which are also major symbols of campus pride. My color scheme is centered around yellow because it is the color of joy. I enjoy experimenting with colors so a characteristic of all my art is how I blend them together to create light and depth. I knew I had to make color the central element of this piece. A concern of mine was that I wouldn’t be able to include all the details I’d imagined, but I’m very happy with how much I accomplished and I’m extremely proud of the finished product.

Mia Moore

Year/School: Senior/Howard University
Major: Electronic Studio

Hometown: The Woodlands, Texas

Instagram: @mi_amor @mi_amor_artistry 
Twitter: @xmi_amor

LinkedIn: Mia Moore

Link to portfolio: https://mooremia52.wixsite.com/portfolio



My name is Mia Moore and I am a senior Art – Electronic Studio major from The Woodlands, Texas currently attending the illustrious Howard University. I have channeled my passion for art into several projects such as my Girl Scout Gold Award where I established an art program at my local community center.

Over the last four years I have participated in several on-campus art shows and I am currently working on building my professional portfolio through commissioned work. I was initially attracted to Howard because of its reputation as an epicenter of Black culture in America, but also because the environment was so different from the other colleges I visited.

The impact of seeing people who look like me achieve success without having to forfeit their blackness or their cultural identity was an incomparable experience. It transformed my personality, my sense of artistic and personal style, and also improved my relationship with my racial identity.

My favorite part of attending an HBCU is that the classes I’ve taken incorporate and analyze the subject matter through the lens of the Black community. After I graduate I would like to attend art school and expand on my craft while continuing to create both traditional and digital art that shapes and emulates Black culture.

On the HBCU Student Showcase:
As part of NBA All-Star 2021, seven students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) created artwork depicting their experiences as HBCU students. The students selected themes representing HBCU student athletes, dance lines, bands and school legacies as inspiration for their creations. They also drew a connection to the impact of COVID-19 on HBCUs through their work.