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Steve Kerr has words for critics about his players coaching vs. Phoenix Suns

In radio interview, Golden State coach he may use tactic again

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The Golden State Warriors got some attention on Monday night in a blowout win, but it wasn’t for the plays on the court. Rather, in a 129-83 romp against the Phoenix Suns, Warriors coach Steve Kerr opted to let his players coach the game instead of he and his staff. Some players on the Suns had words after the game about the tactic, but Phoenix interim coach Jay Triano seemed to have no issue with it.

Yesterday, Kerr was not as laid back about his tactic after he and the Warriors took shots for it on social media and elsewhere. In an interview with 95.7 The Game in San Francisco on Tuesday, Kerr fired back at his critics. Here’s more, via

“I’ve been quickly reminded today of what an insane world we live in, and how everything now is just a story and constantly judged and picked apart.”

Some criticized Kerr’s move as disrespectful. “We have a veteran team. You turn over the timeout huddles to the players so that they can discuss strategy on their own,” Kerr said. “I don’t think its earth-shattering news.”

Despite some apparent backlash, Kerr said he might do it again.

“I don’t think it’s something we would do often, but I think it’s a good exercise,” the coach said. “It’s a nine-month season. … This is every single day for seven, eight, nine months depending on how your team does. And so everything gets pretty monotonous. I think you’ve got to do your best in the NBA to keep things light and loose and occasionally throw the team a curveball. So I can see doing it again one time, a couple times. We’ll see.”

Kerr said Monday he let the players coach the team because he was trying to get the team’s attention.

“It had everything to do with me trying to reach my team,” Kerr said after the win vs. Phoenix. “I haven’t been able to reach them the last month. They are tired of my voice and I”m tired of my voice. … I wasn’t reaching them and we just figured it was probably a good night to pull a trick out of the hat and do something different.”

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