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Rookie Jordan Bell reaping benefits of playing alongside Draymond Green

From NBA media reports

Golden State Warriors rookie Jordan Bell could have worse role models as he makes his way through his first NBA season. Sure, Draymond Green doesn’t always convey his messages with words suitable for children’s ears, but it’s hard to argue his effectiveness as a leader for the reigning NBA champions.

So if Bell is taking notes and trying to figure out how to be an elite utility man along the same lines as his veteran All-Star teammate, then he’s probably going about things the right way. Green certainly thinks so and as Mark Medina of The Mercury News points out, there is great benefit to what Bell can learn from Green:

Green received an early glimpse on how Bell has tried to improve simply by noticing he voluntarily has spent the end of practices rebounding for teammates during their shooting workouts.

“It’s smart, though,” Green said. “It’s not like, ‘I’m going to come and try to work on my game and get in somebody’s way. I’m going to pass and rebound.’ Then when everyone moves, ‘I’m going to work on my game.’ I think a lot of people don’t understand that. A lot of people don’t even notice that. I notice things like that.”

Bell notices things like that from Green, too.

Contrary to popular belief, Green will not just yell at Bell for the sake of showing he can. What is the point in chewing out a rookie over something he does not know? Green has yelled at Bell, though, for things he should know. So when Bell bit on a pumpfake that Toronto guard DeMar DeRozan used to draw a foul last month, Green had some words with Bell for a simple reason. Earlier, Green had warned Bell not to fall for DeRozan’s trick.

“I have a real thick skin,” Bell said. “So when he yells, I don’t take it personally.”