2017 NBA Finals: Warriors vs. Cavaliers

Game 4: 24 Second Thoughts

Sekou Smith

Sekou Smith

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CLEVELAND — Twenty-four thoughts from Game 4 of The Finals in which the Cleveland Cavaliers set an NBA Finals record 24 3-pointers made in their 137-116 rout of the Warriors. The Warriors will have another chance to close out the series at home in Game 5 on Monday.

24 — Game faces on. Win or go home time for the champs …

And we know who is not a believer in #BelieveLand!

23 — We need walk-in music for The Finals, a soundtrack for each guy to enter the arena. They’ve already got the strut down and the wardrobe choices always stir up a good debate or two.

22 — Nothing big on the line tonight KD … just a chance at history (16-0), the opportunity to erase the stigma of not having a championship on your resume and space at the big table in the annals of league history. Other than that, it’s just another basketball game.

21 — DWade with the throwback sweatsuit for Game 4. Words cannot express my appreciation for this look … and yes, my Uncle Ray Ray would like his sweat suit back!

20 — Cavaliers holding the Warriors to just 13 points with 5:27 to play in the first isn’t a stunner. Not when they play with the energy they started this game with.

19 — Milestone alert for LeBron, passing MJ for third on The Finals points scored list. #noshameinhisgame

18 — Never seen a first quarter of The Finals like this … 49-33 Cavs after the first.

17 — There’s a time and a place for everything. The Finals is not the time for us to discuss the men with the whistles. They need to be a non-factor. But so far, they’ve been in the middle of the mix on seemingly every other possession. #notgood

16 — LeBron and Kyrie are in that crazy space right now. JR, too. Getting buckets. Cavs up 69-49 with 5:38 to play before halftime and itching for a return trip to Oracle Arena for Game 5.

15 — Cavaliers have scored most points in the first half or any half in Finals history with their 86-68 lead, passing the 1985 Celtics (79 first half) and 1982 Sixers (81 any half). Just plain crazy the shotmaking that went on for the Cavaliers.

Oh, how the game has changed in just a decade …

14 — Couldn’t have have asked for a better first half! #BlackPantherMovie

13 — Kyrie’s first half was #flame

12 — You don’t have to worry about catching the dog. You got to worry about the dog catching you!

11 — It’s getting preposterous out here. Just straight up preposterous!


10 — Yes, things are getting a little heated out here Manu!

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That elimination game intensity 👀

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9 — This guy is catching it from every corner of the building tonight, which is just the way he likes it.

And you better buckle up, because KD is a hoops zombie. He won’t go away!

8 — Who joins KD in the chase in the 4th? Steph or Klay?

7 — Perhaps Ty Lue was correct to try and fight fire with fire against the Warriors … for at least one night?

6 — I’m still trying to figure out what happened this one …


5 — I know you are not trying to get swept when you are willing to knock your own teammate out cold to steal a pass. Salute the effort LeBron James. 31-10-10 (and counting) triple-double with 4:36 to play. #stillmycrown

4 — I’m prepared to table all discussions about the greatest whatever of all time, player, team, playoff run, etc., now that we know we’ll get at leas five games. But LeBron just keeps on chugging on these milestones.

3 — A record 24 made 3-pointers from the Cavaliers to seal Game 4 win … that’s a record you’d expect from the Warriors, no?

2 — JR Smith says he was hacked when the “Cavs in 7” tweet popped up after Game 3. He doesn’t seem to mind now …

1 — Put the brooms away. Still some fight left in the champs.

One more game (at least) … now that we’re back where the real drama started last time around 3-1!

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