2017 NBA Finals: Warriors vs. Cavaliers

Game 2: 24 Second Thoughts

Sekou Smith

Sekou Smith

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OAKLAND, Calif. — Twenty-four thoughts from Game 2 of the Finals in which the Golden State Warriors pulled away from the Cleveland Cavaliers 132-113 and take a 2-0 series lead.

24 — We didn’t have to wait for the opening tip for the first real game changer (potentially) for Game 2 of The 2017 Finals. Steve Kerr is back on the sideline for this one. We’ll find out in a couple of hours if this had a huge impact on this game … or not.

23 — What’s a Bay Area Finals without at least one visit from the great Santana on the anthem?

22 — We’re going there tonight, huh? #TheNewBigFour


That other Big Four is here, too.

21 — Cleveland’s wild card player for Game 2 should be J.R. Smith and coach Tyronn Lue has already made clear that he needs his “assassin” ready to go tonight. But what if someone else is the key to unlocking this Cleveland offense?

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Kyle Korver, getting ready for Game 2. #nbafinals

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You can’t get more superstitious than me, so I’m all in on the all-black unis Cleveland pulled out for Game 2. But is it a little early to play this card?

20 — When you’ve got two starting forwards like Draymond and KD … SMH!

19 — Cleveland is lucky they have “Freight Train” James on their side, or this game would be sideways already.

18 — The Warriors’ penchant for the home-run pass or play is costing them a nice cushion late in the first half. The Cavaliers are locked in and playing at a much higher level right now. LeBron is always at his best like this.

17 — Baby steps!

16 — Getting what we asked for at the half. Warriors up 67-64. Stars shining. No complaints …

15 — This might help explain that 18-10-6 first half masterpiece from LeBron, who became the first player in the last 20 years to record 10 assists in the firs half of a Finals game.


… They’re not going head-to-head as much, but KD’s first half line is equally ridiculous with 15 points, seven rebounds, four assists, three blocks and three steals. #watchemwork

14 — MVP on MVP!

13 — I know the feeling, OBJ. Both teams playing lights out. Every time the Warriors push the lead, the Cavaliers come back. Big Boy basketball at it’s finest!

12 — Warriors finish the third on a 16-6 run, a stretch that saw Draymond pick up his fifth foul. They finish with 102 points after three quarters and still aren’t out of harm’s way. Don’t blame the defense. The pace is just crazy.

And this guy is enjoying every second!

11 — Make it rain!

10 — This fourth quarter is going to get interesting down the stretch if Kyrie keeps doing this …

9 — Careful Kevin Love. Five blocks and counting for KD, btw.


8 — You know Russ is watching …

7 — Steph with a triple-double of his own. Just clowning out here on the long ball all of a sudden. Klay is awake, too. Warriors up 121-104 with 5:36 to play and Draymond on the bench.

6 — Golden State is totally unstoppable when they’ve got it all going.

5 — I know better than to assume we know what will happen in the coming days. But there is an air of inevitability creeping into this series.. AGAIN, no one is suggesting this thing is over. But …

4 — What happens when all four of the Warriors’ stars are in a flow? Yikes!

3 — We’re going to have to give Steph his due at some point. Might not be tonight. Might not be this series. But sooner or later, we’re all going to have to give it up to him.

2 — Sometimes it’s the pairings you don’t see coming that wind up resonating the most. Former rivals and now teammates two games away from taking down a common foe. We can’t make this stuff up, not even on our best days. #NotFakeNews

1 — Still not ready to call this a series yet. Cavs have too much pride, too much LeBron and two games at home to stretch this thing out. I feel like we’ll be in Oakland for a Game 5, no matter how much confetti they drop after wins here at Oracle Arena. That said, there is a ton of work for the Cavs to do between now and Wednesday night.

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