2023 FIBA World Cup

FIBA World Cup Team Profile: Georgia

Get ready for the FIBA Basketball World Cup with a team-by-team breakdown of the 32 countries in the competition.

Though they lost the game against Iceland, they celebrated while Iceland sat devastated for missing qualification. It came up one point short. Both teams finished qualifying with 5-5 records, with the tiebreaker going to Georgia by the slimmest of margins. Iceland had a 3-point try by Elvar Fridriksson — its best shooter — rim out with about 3 seconds remaining, and Georgia held on for the loss that really was a win.

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Coach: Craig Pedersen

What to watch
Arguably the best out of Georgia, Tornike Shengelia and Giorgi Shermadini were among the selections. They are projected as the heavy hitters for the major international tournament. Shengelia, 31, is the headliner carrying experience from five editions of EuroBasket and additional caps across numerous Qualifiers, opting to represent his country even in extremely demanding scheduling situations. Shermadini, 34, made his way to eight EuroBasket settings since 2007, before finally reaching the World Cup stage alongside numerous longtime teammates.

Group Play Schedule

  • Aug. 26: Georgia vs. Cape Verde (4 a.m. ET)
  • Aug. 28: Georgia vs. Slovenia (7:30 a.m. ET)
  • Aug. 30: Georgia vs. Venezuela (4 a.m. ET)

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