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Bucks' Parker deemed most likely to stand out in 2014-15

POSTED: Aug 6, 2014 10:28 AM ET

By John Schuhmann

BY John Schuhmann


Doug McDermott, Zach LaVine, Rodney Hood and Jabari Parker garnered praise from their fellow rookies.

The 2014 NBA rookie class was much hyped, not only for its top-line talent, but also its depth. And in the results of the 2014-15 Rookie Survey, you can see evidence of both.

At the annual Rookie Photo Shoot at the Knicks' practice facility in Tarrytown, N.Y., on Sunday, 38 rookies answered eight questions about their class. And over those eight questions, 39 different first-year players received at least one vote. But it's clear who they think is at the top of their class.

Jabari Parker received the most votes overall. His peers think he's the pick to win the Kia NBA Rookie of the Year and also the best bet to have a great career. The rooks also told us what will be the biggest adjustment as they join the NBA and who their favorite player is.

Note that players were not allowed to vote for themselves, college teammates or NBA teammates.

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Who will be the 2014-15 Rookie of the Year?

Jabari Parker Heats Up Summer League

1: Jabari Parker, Milwaukee -- 52.8 percent

T-2: Doug McDermott, Chicago -- 8.3 percent

Andrew Wiggins, Cleveland -- 8.3 percent

T-4: Shabazz Napier, Miami -- 5.6 percent

Nerlens Noel, Philadelphia -- 5.6 percent

Elfrid Payton, Orlando -- 5.6 percent

Others receiving votes: Aaron Gordon, Orlando; Rodney Hood, Utah; Julius Randle, L.A. Lakers; Marcus Smart, Boston; T.J. Warren, Phoenix

Last year: C.J. McCollum & Victor Oladipo -- 24.2 percent

Worth noting: "He has a complete overall game," one rookie said of Parker. "And he's always in an attack mind set." Nerlens Noel topped our Rookie Ladder at the conclusion of Summer League, but might not have been on most of the rookies' minds on Sunday, because he wasn't in their Draft class or at the Photo Shoot.

Which rookie will have the best career?

All-Access: Zach LaVine

1: Jabari Parker, Milwaukee -- 45.9 percent

2: Doug McDermott, Chicago -- 13.5 percent

3: T.J. Warren, Phoenix -- 8.1 percent

T-4: Zach LaVine, Minnesota -- 5.4 percent

Andrew Wiggins, Cleveland -- 5.4 percent

Others receiving votes: Kyle Anderson, San Antonio; Cleanthony Early, New York; Joel Embiid, Philadelphia; Gary Harris, Denver; Rodney Hood, Utah; Mitch McGary, Oklahoma City; Johnny O'Bryant, Milwaukee; Noah Vonleh, Charlotte

Last year: Victor Oladipo & Kelly Olynyk -- 18.2 percent

Worth noting: The Suns' T.J. Warren gets the "Jack of all trades, master of none" award for this Rookie Survey. He got eight total votes, but in six different categories, with this being the only question he got multiple votes on. Only No. 1 pick Andrew Wiggins also got votes on six different questions.

Which rookie is being most overlooked?

1: Kyle Anderson, San Antonio -- 11.1 percent

T-2: Mitch McGary, Oklahoma City -- 8.3 percent

Glen Robinson III, Minnesota -- 8.3 percent

C.J. Wilcox, L.A. Clippers -- 8.3 percent

T-5: Gary Harris, Denver -- 5.6 percent

K.J. McDaniels, Philadelphia -- 5.6 percent

Doug McDermott, Chicago -- 5.6 percent

Andrew Wiggins, Cleveland -- 5.6 percent

James Young, Boston -- 5.6 percent

Others receiving votes: Jordan Adams, Memphis; Jordan Clarkson, L.A. Lakers; Spencer Dinwiddie, Detroit; Cleanthony Early, New York; Aaron Gordon, Orlando; P.J. Hairston, Charlotte; Rodney Hood, Utah; Zach LaVine, Minnesota; Marcus Smart, Boston; Russ Smith, New Orleans; Jarnell Stokes, Memphis; Noah Vonleh, Charlotte; T.J. Warren, Phoenix

Last year: Ricky Ledo, Erik Murphy, Nerlens Noel & Kelly Olynyk -- 8.6 percent

Worth noting: As usual, this question got the biggest variety of responses, including six Lottery picks. One rookie thinks McGary is set to open some eyes, having missed most of last season due to injury. "He's going to be a really good role player for [the Thunder]," the unnamed rook said. "He's going to bust his tail and earn himself a spot." Maybe the winner should have been No. 5 pick Dante Exum, who got only two total votes on this whole survey, in part because he was absent from the Photo Shoot.

Which rookie is the most athletic?

Dunk of the Night - Zach LaVine

1: Zach LaVine, Minnesota -- 56.6 percent

2: Andrew Wiggins, Cleveland -- 30.3 percent

3: Aaron Gordon, Orlando -- 10.5 percent

4: Cleanthony Early, New York -- 2.6 percent

Last year: Tony Mitchell -- 47.2 percent

Worth noting: LaVine got the most votes on any single question, and Wiggins got the most of any second-place finisher. After seeing LaVine's and Wiggins' contributions to this Vine thread, it's clear that the voters know what they're talking about.

Which rookie is the best shooter?

McDermott Shines During Summer League

1: Doug McDermott, Chicago -- 39.5 percent

2: Nik Stauskas, Sacramento -- 26.3 percent

3: Joe Harris, Cleveland -- 13.2 percent

4: P.J. Hairston, Charlotte -- 5.3 percent

5: C.J. Wilcox, L.A. Clippers -- 5.3 percent

Others receiving votes: Jordan Adams, Memphis; Gary Harris, Denver; Rodney Hood, Utah; T.J. Warren, Phoenix

Last year: Ben McLemore -- 19.4 percent

Worth noting: McBuckets shot 12-for-27 (44 percent) from 3-point range and 22-for-23 (96 percent) from the free throw line at Summer League. Pretty, pretty, pretty good. "His shot is so pure," one rookie said Sunday. "He has the calmest game," another, who said McDermott would have the best career, added. "He's very patient."

Which rookie is the best defender?

T-1: K.J. McDaniels, Philadelphia -- 13.5 percent

All-Access: Gary Harris

Marcus Smart, Boston -- 13.5 percent

T-3: Gary Harris, Denver -- 10.8 percent

Elfrid Payton, Orlando -- 10.8 percent

T-5: Joel Embiid, Philadelphia -- 8.1 percent

Aaron Gordon, Orlando -- 8.1 percent

Russ Smith, New Orleans -- 8.1 percent

T-8: Adreian Payne, Atlanta -- 5.4 percent

Noah Vonleh, Charlotte -- 5.4 percent

Others receiving votes: Thanasis Antetokounmpo, New York; Joe Harris, Cleveland; Josh Huestis, Oklahoma City; Nerlens Noel, Philadelphia; Julius Randle, L.A. Lakers; Andrew Wiggins, Cleveland

Last year: Victor Oladipo -- 62.9 percent

Worth noting: The Magic and Sixers each had two guys in the top seven (even with most voters seemingly forgetting about Noel), good news for coaches Jacque Vaughn and Brett Brown, respectively. When talking about Aaron Gordon, one rookie noted how good of a defensive program Sean Miller has been running at Arizona. "They're typically at the top of the college basketball defensive ratings." Gordon, the same rookie noted, "can defend multiple positions and is good on ball screens." There was no "smartest rookie" question, but we nominate that guy.

Which rookie is the best playmaker?

Rookie Hustle

1: Tyler Ennis, Phoenix -- 24.3 percent

2: Kyle Anderson, San Antonio -- 18.9 percent

3: Marcus Smart, Boston -- 13.5 percent

T-4: Dante Exum, Utah -- 5.4 percent

Doug McDermott, Chicago -- 5.4 percent

Shabazz Napier, Miami -- 5.4 percent

Elfrid Payton, Orlando -- 5.4 percent

Others receiving votes: Jerami Grant, Philadelphia; Zach LaVine, Minnesota; Jabari Parker, Milwaukee; Nik Stauskas, Sacramento; T.J. Warren, Phoenix; Andrew Wiggins, Cleveland

Last year: Trey Burke -- 47.1 percent

Worth noting: Ennis is obviously a more traditional point guard and, as a Canadian, gets to work with Steve Nash in the summer. Anderson, who is 6-foot-9 and averaged 6.5 assists in his last year at UCLA, should be fun to watch in the Spurs' system. "He's always been a pass-first facilitator," another rookie said.

Which rookie is the funniest?

Embiid on Rihanna

1: Joel Embiid, Philadelphia -- 20.0 percent

2: Marcus Smart, Boston -- 14.3 percent

3: Jerami Grant, Philadelphia -- 11.4 percent

T-4: Cleanthony Early, New York -- 8.6 percent

Adreian Payne, Atlanta -- 8.6 percent

T-6: P.J. Hairston, Charlotte -- 5.7 percent

Mitch McGary, Oklahoma City -- 5.7 percent

Others receiving votes: Rodney Hood, Utah; Cory Jefferson, Brooklyn; Jordan McRae, Philadelphia; Johnny O'Bryant, Milwaukee; Jabari Parker, Milwaukee; Julius Randle, L.A. Lakers; Russ Smith, New Orleans; Jarnell Stokes, Memphis; T.J. Warren, Phoenix

Last year: Ricky Ledo -- 31.4 percent

Worth noting: Embiid earned this win with his twitter recruitment of both LeBron James and Rihanna, though there appears to be a lot of funny guys in this class, especially in the Atlantic Division.

What will be the biggest adjustment for you, playing in the NBA?

The Starters: Grade The Rooks

1: Speed or pace of the game -- 26.4 percent

2: Size and strength of opponents -- 20.8 percent

3: Length of season -- 18.1 percent

4: Lifestyle -- 12.5 percent

5: Travel -- 11.1 percent

6: Conditioning and body maintenance -- 5.6 percent

Also receiving votes: Defense, Learning a new system

Last year: Size and strength of opponents -- 30.6 percent

Worth noting: Playing your first season in the NBA is probably a lot like having your first child. You can prepare all you want, but you're still not ready for what you're about to go through.

Who is your favorite player in the league?

The Starters: Kobe Superfan Trivia Challenge

1: Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City --25.0 percent

2: Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers -- 19.4 percent

3: LeBron James, Cleveland -- 12.5 percent

4: Carmelo Anthony, New York -- 8.3 percent

T-5: Paul George, Indiana -- 5.6 percent

Kyrie Irving, Cleveland -- 5.6 percent

Others receiving votes: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee; Jamal Crawford, L.A. Clippers; Monta Ellis, Dallas; Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers; James Harden, Houston; Dwight Howard, Houston; Lamar Odom; Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers; Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City

Last year: Kobe Bryant -- 21.2 percent

Worth noting: The first time this survey was done, Durant was the answer to the first question. Seven years later, he's the answer to the last one.

John Schuhmann is a staff writer for You can e-mail him here and follow him on Twitter.

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