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NBA Draft Lottery: Facts, History, Probabilities & All-Time Results

The first NBA Draft lottery took place in 1985

POSTED: May 18, 2015 9:16 AM ET


The NBA Board of Governors, meeting in Salt Lake City in June of 1984, voted to adopt a lottery system among the non playoff teams to determine their order of selection in the first round of the NBA Draft beginning in 1985.

Below is information on the history of the Draft lottery, its evolution to the present form, historical odds, all-time lottery selections by year and pick number and all-time franchise appearances.

> The 2016 NBA Draft Lottery will take place at 8 p.m. ET (ESPN) on May 17.

2016 Selection Process, Odds & Results

2016 Draft Lottery: How The Drawing Process Works & Complete Lottery Odds
Pre-Lottery Draft Order

Sixers win top pick; Lakers get No. 2
Complete Coverage of 2016 Draft

All-Time Lottery Results

All-Time Final Standings vs. Draft Lottery Order
All-Time Draft Lottery Probabilities
All-Time No. 1 Draft Picks
All-Time NBA Lottery Selections, By Year
All-Time NBA Lottery Selections, By Pick Numbers
All-Time Rookies of The Year: What Pick They Were Drafted
Procedural History of the NBA Draft Lottery

NBA Draft Lottery: Franchise History

All-Time Lottery Appearances By Every NBA Team
Last Time In Draft Lottery, By Team