NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 2 -- Two-time NBA All-Star Baron Davis arrived at Godet Elementary Polling Center this morning at 8:30 a.m. to greet voters and speak to the media encouraging the public to get out and vote. This morning’s visit to the polling center follows months of work Davis has committed to urging people, especially African Americans, to vote in this year’s election. Davis has teamed up with Voices for Working Families and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, two non-profit, nonpartisan organizations committed to voter education and participation. Davis aims to get African American voter participation well over 50 percent, after only 40 percent of those eligible to vote nationwide did so in the 2002 election (Source: U.S. Census Bureau).

Since Davis recorded a public service announcement (PSA) this summer, more than 8,000 African Americans have registered to vote in Orleans Parish in Louisiana (Source: Orleans Parish County Registrar office). Louisiana ranks second among states with the highest percentage of African American citizens and approximately 65 percent of residents in New Orleans Proper are black, which is home to about 480,000 people (Source: Voices for Working Families).

In addition to the PSA, two weeks ago Davis held a press conference at New Orleans City Hall addressing the public on the importance of educating themselves about the upcoming election and urging them to vote. Last week, he visited St. Martin Manor senior center to encourage older African Americans to vote and also played bingo with those in attendance.

“I’ve seen a difference in people this year as opposed to the last major election in 2000. I think people are starting to realize that their vote counts. There are major concerns across the board, from education and health care to unemployment and the economy. All of these impact each of us in our daily lives. My only goal was to reach as many people as I can and hope that the numbers improve at the polls,” said Davis.

Voices for Working Families is a nonprofit, nonpartisan 527 organization created to insure that every person in this country can participate fully in America’s public life. Voices for Working Families works to reach a million voters on the street and over the airwaves encouraging them to register, educate, mobilize and protect their right to vote at the polls. These voters will have the opportunity to raise a unified voice for social and economic justice. Since July, the Voices for Working Families professional canvassing group, in conjunction with the women’s phone and mail group, has knocked on 106,084 doors contacting 71,952 voters and registering 7,042 new voters in the state of Louisiana.

The Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization established in 1963 at the request of President John F. Kennedy to involve private attorneys in the effort to insure the civil rights of all Americans. In participation with coalition partners, The Lawyers' Committee will provide 25,000 trained poll monitors to watch for problems and assist voters on the spot in at least 30 states and has circulated more than five million "Voters' Bills of Rights" with state-specific information. The Lawyers' Committee will also staff the 1-866-OUR-VOTE hotline with free, immediate and multi-lingual assistance to help voters who encounter barriers to the ballot box.

About Baron Davis
Davis is in his sixth NBA season. Earning his first All-Star appearance in 2002, Davis became the youngest member of the Hornets ever to make the All-Star team at 22-years-old and led the Eastern Conference with five assists in 12 minutes of play. In 2004, Davis was selected for his second All-Star appearance and was in the running for league MVP. He finished in the top ten in 17 statistical categories, many of which were in the top five in the NBA.

He owns a movie production company, Too Easy Entertainment, which has plans to bring its own projects to the forefront. Tyro scribe Nakia Caesh is writing a comedy, "Blacktop," based on a story by Baron. Davis is also an executive producer on the upcoming "Asylum," which stars Natasha Richardson and will be released through Paramount Classics.

Davis has appeared in videos by Ja Rule, P. Diddy and Angie Stone, ESPN's "The Life," HBO’s "Arli$$” and the TV show ‘The Weakest Link'.

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