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Cousins, Wall still share college bond but NBA reunion would be difficult

From NBA media reports

The idea of DeMarcus Cousins joining John Wall in Washington has been around for a while. The two were teammates at Kentucky and friends before that.

But the Washington Post‘s Candace Buckner is here to pour some cold water on any thoughts of Cousins, whose contract expires this summer, becoming a Wizard via free agency or trade.

After explaining that Cousins isn’t a great fit, either on the court or on the payroll, Buckner gets some noncommittal quotes from Cousins and Wall about the possibility…

Last season when Cousins was still with the Sacramento Kings, he admitted how the topic of playing together with Wall has “come up.” Wall went further and said the two “talk about it all the time.” These days, however, the friends are longer leaving bread crumbs leading to a potential reunion.

“It’s not on my mind at all,” Cousins told reporters Tuesday night about playing with Wall.

“Do I recruit him? Nah, we’re just brothers,” Wall responded, when asked directly if he’ll serve as the Wizards’ recruiter for Cousins this summer. “We just talk. Why wouldn’t we want to play together? We’ve been brothers since we were 14. Whatever happens, if it happens, it happens. If not, I don’t think there’s too much recruiting that needs to be done there. I think everybody knows what our brotherhood is, where we are.

“If we get the opportunity to play together,” Wall said, before swiftly changing thoughts. “I mean, certain people have that bond where it’s an opportunity and you take advantage of it. If it’s not there, these are my brothers. These other 14 guys. And I compete with these guys every day. … I’m with these guys eight, nine months out of the year. So if it happens, it happens. If not, [Cousins] still has to worry about his team and I have to worry about mine.”