NBA Season Restart 2019-20

Reports: Patrick Beverley leaves NBA campus for personal emergency

LA Clippers guard Patrick Beverley left the NBA campus on Tuesday for an emergency personal matter, according to multiple reports.

Beverley is expected to rejoin the team in the future, and he’ll need to follow the NBA’s Health and Safety re-entry protocol when that time comes.

If a player leaves campus for extenuating circumstances, he will be required to quarantine for 4-10 days upon his return. The period will be four days if the player who left campus produces negative tests for at least seven days prior to his return.

In other words, Beverley will need to pass a coronavirus test every day he is off-campus in order to have a four-day quarantine inside the Disney hotel instead of 10.

The Clippers will play their first exhibition game against the Orlando Magic on Wednesday. They will be without Beverley and forward Montrezl Harrell, who left Orlando last week for an emergency family matter.

LA will play its first seeding game on July 30 against the L.A. Lakers.