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LeBron James' teammates soak up his monster fourth quarter Wednesday

From NBA media reports

The Cleveland Cavaliers have hit their hot streak after a slow start to open 2017-18, picking up their sixth straight win last night by beating the Brooklyn Nets. To get to this point in their season, a heavy dose of LeBron James’ all-around dominance has been the formula of choice and that was once again the plan last night.

* Recap: Cavaliers 119, Nets 109

James had 33 points, 23 of which came in the fourth quarter that helped seal the deal for the Cavs. To many of James’ teammates, it was like watching an artist at work as he carved up the Nets time and again down the stretch with his scoring touch and playmaking. Joe Vardon of has more:

Believe it or not, James found a new way to impress his teammates, including Kyle Korver.

“My man has worked his way into being a real shooter. Like, for real. He can really shoot,” Korver said. “His fundamentals, he has worked on it, in this last year that I’ve been here. His shot is really, really good.”

“You can tell he thinks about it, he studies the game, he studies his own mechanics, he puts in a ton of time and he’s confident shooting that shot,” Korver said. “He’s doing a good job of mixing it up, when to attack the basket and when to shoot it. He knows when his shot’s going to be there and when he needs us to take it. It looks really, really great to me and I watch these things. He’s worked hard and it’s showing.”

“My team looks at me to be that scorer now,” James said of his approach during crunchtime. “The last couple years, Kyrie obviously being as great as he was in the fourth quarter, we kind of pick our games. There was games half the time that he had it going and, ‘Hey, go get it.’ There was games half the time where I had it going and I’d go get it.

“Right now my teammates look at me and they’re like, ‘OK, like this is your quarter you’ve done this your whole career. Let’s try to make some things happen.’ It’s very important that I try to come through for them.”

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