Playoffs 2017: East Semifinals -- Celtics (1) vs. Wizards (4)

Boston Celtics wear all black to Game 6 against Washington Wizards

Up 3-2 and needing just one more victory to advance, the Celtics arrived for tonight’s Game 6 (8 p.m., ESPN) against the Wizards in all black, a not-so-subtle hint that they intend to send their opponents on vacation.

Even Celtics sideline reporter Abby Chin got into the act.

It’s the latest bit of gamesmanship between two teams that don’t like each other much. The Wizards wore all black to a regular-season game against the Celtics earlier this season following a testy matchup between the two in which John Wall and Jae Crowder had to be separated.

Isaiah Thomas dismissed the Wizards’ fashion choice for that January game, saying, “That’s cute that they’re wearing all black. It’s definitely not a Game 7. It’s not the playoffs.”

Now it is, however, and the Celtics obviously couldn’t wait to return the favor.