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Celtics, Mavs bolster Boys & Girls Clubs with 2024 Finals Legacy Projects

Boston and Dallas further the NBA's long tradition of teams competing in the NBA Finals making contributions to the Boys & Girls Club.

The NBA Finals is a tremendous place to create a legacy. As they competed on the court, the Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks also took that spirit into their communities to improve the lives of young people, continuing a more than 20-year tradition for NBA teams competing on the grandest stage.

Through their Finals Legacy Projects, the teams donated computers, iPads, books, games, technology equipment and more to Boys & Girls Clubs in their home cities in partnership with NBA Cares.

The Celtics renovated the gym at the Berkshire Partners Blue Hill Club in Dorchester, unveiling the new space on June 7 with a celebration featuring members from the NBA, the Celtics and NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

Over 1,000 members now have a special place to play basketball. The Celtics donated a new floor, refreshed backboards, bleachers, adjustable hoops, safety equipment, graphic decorations, and sports equipment.

“We shoot to be synonymous with two things — winning championships and being of service to the community,” said Dave Hoffman, senior vice president of community engagement with the Celtics. “It’s woven into our DNA from legends of the past — we’re lucky and privileged enough to be stewards of it in today’s era.”

When players join the Celtics, they are introduced to the team’s role in the community “on day one,” Hoffman said. The commitment is fundamental to the organization.

“Any time we have the opportunity to do something – whether it’s under the big, huge, bright lights of the NBA Finals or whether no one’s watching – we’re here to try to make sure there’s a level playing field for kids across our community,” said Hoffman.

Celtics players Al Horford, Derrick White, Jordan Walsh and Luke Kornet visited the Club as part of the festivities. Former Celtic Dana Barros was also in attendance.

Barros, a Boston native who played 850 NBA games, including 235 for his hometown team, grew up honing his renowned shooting ability at the club.

With the new gym, Hoffman said the Celtics hope to make an impact for generations of residents to come.

Through the Mavericks Foundation, the Mavs renovated the gymnasium at the East Dallas Boys & Girls Club, and in partnership with NBA Cares, overhauled the club’s STEM lab and the adjacent learn and play room.

The Mavs unveiled the space on June 13. It features fresh paint, a new floor, room graphics, new furniture, STEM technology, decor, books and games.

Commissioner Silver joined Mavs governor Patrick Dumont and team CEO Cynt Marshall along with players Daniel Gafford, P.J. Washington, Jaden Hardy, Dereck Lively II, and Mavs legend and 2011 NBA champion Shawn Marion.

“The excitement surrounding the Finals, and the Mavericks making the Finals on the court, is such a unique experience, and something our community comes together to celebrate,” said Hannah Turner, senior director of corporate social responsibility and executive director of the Mavericks Foundation. “It’s really exciting for us to be able to take that excitement, put it into the community and give back.”

The Mavericks Foundation renovated the basketball court with updated flooring and new retractable hoops that opened up new space for activities. When the team officially made it to the NBA Finals, the gymnasium renovation, the STEM room and the multipurpose room were all unveiled together.

“We’re really proud to see the transformation of the space,” said Turner, noting it raised the spirits of staff and young people at the club.

Turner said the Mavericks hope to further the sense of pride in the city with their Finals Legacy Project, helping young people realize the chance to learn and move forward in a positive, enriching environment.

Young people in East Dallas might not have internet access for their homework, or the chance to practice their jumper in a comfortable environment, Turner noted. Through this donation, the team can change that.

“It’s a place they can be proud of, proud to bring their friends and their family, and really grow as students, grow as a community,” Turner said. “We’re alongside them all the way. We always say, ‘You’re a Mavs fan for life, you’re Mavs’ family for life.’”