Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal: Cleveland Cavaliers didn't want to see us

NBA.com Staff

It’s pretty easy to talk from the comfort of one’s couch.

But that didn’t stop Wizards guard Bradley Beal from opining that the Cavaliers — the same Cavaliers who are tearing through the Eastern Conference playoffs to the tune of nine wins in nine outings with an average point differential of 10 points per game — were fortunate to dodge them.

“Cleveland didn’t want to see us,” Beal told CSN Mid-Atlantic on Thursday. “I always said that. I felt like that’s a reason they didn’t play us in the second round. They didn’t want to see us in the second round. If they were going to go down, they were going to go down in the conference finals. They didn’t want to go down in the second round.

“They knew we would give them that competitiveness and that challenge. We were going to bring it every night and go out there and try to win. We weren’t going to be fazed by who’s on the floor. Dang, it sucks. It sucks. It sucks.”

Beal might have a point. Though the Cavaliers won this year’s season series 2-1, one of those victories was an epic 140-135 overtime clash that could have gone either way. The Wizards also topped the defending champions by 12 on March 25.

That said, if the Wizards wanted their shot at the Cavs that bad, they had every opportunity to earn it but came up one game short against the Celtics.