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2013 Las Vegas Summer League Game Rules

POSTED: Jul 8, 2013 3:05 PM ET


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All-non tournament games played during the NBA Summer League will be played under the following rules:

• Four (4) ten minute (:10) quarters

• Eight minute (:08) halftime

• Ten minute (:10) warm up period prior to the start of each game

• Two minute (:02) minute overtime period

• Each team is allowed one (1) 60-second timeout

• Penalty begins on the 2nd team foul

• The second overtime period (or any overtime period thereafter) is sudden death (first team to score a point wins)

• Teams are in the penalty on the 10th team foul or 2nd team foul in the last two (2) minutes

• Players foul out with their 10th personal foul

• Each team will receive two (2) full timeouts (60 seconds) per half

• Mandatory timeouts (60 seconds) will be taken at the first stoppage of play after 5:59 and 2:59 of each quarter

• A 60-second timeout taken by a team will negate the next mandatory timeout due in that quarter

All other NBA rules apply.

Tournament games played during the NBA Summer League will be played under the same playing rules as the non-tournament games except:

• Players foul out with their 6th personal foul during the tournament

• All overtime periods are two minutes (:02)

Tournament Bracket

Seeding Criteria for Playoff Positioning:

Seeds 1-10 will receive a first round bye

Seeds 11-22 will play a first round game

Criteria for Seeding:

1. Overall record, 3 preliminary round games

2. Quarter Scoring totals (1 point for win, .5 for tie, 0 for loss)

3. Head to Head (only in tiebreaker)

4. Point Differential

5. Coin Flip