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2013-14 Amnesty Tracker

POSTED: Jul 17, 2013 7:00 AM ET


For the first five years of the NBA's collective bargaining agreement, each team will be permitted to waive one of its player contracts that was in effect prior to the 2011-12 season and have 100 percent of the player's salary removed from the team's salary for salary cap and tax purposes.

The team must still pay the waived player and each team may use this provision only once over the life of the agreement.

Past Amnesty Trackers:

Players amnestied before the 2011-12 season
Players amnestied before the 2012-13 season

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Amnesty player: Drew Gooden

After signing with the Bucks in 2010, Gooden has been waived by Milwaukee. The veteran forward had two years and about $13.4 million remaining on his contact. An 11-year NBA veteran, Gooden averaged 11.3 points and 5.9 rebounds in 107 games with the Bucks.
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2012-13 record: 38-44

Amnesty player: Linas Kleiza

Signed with the Raptors to a four-year deal as a free agent in 2010, Kleiza has been waived by Toronto. The versatile big man, who played four seasons with Denver and one season overseas before joining Toronto, appeared in 108 games for the Raptors, averaging 9.8 points, 4.0 rebounds and 22.8 minutes.
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2012-13 record: 34-48

Amnesty player: Mike Miller

After playing the last three seasons in Miami, long-range threat Mike Miller has been waived by the Heat. The 13-year veteran was scheduled to make $12.8 million over the next two seasons. Miller was instrumental in the Heat's title-clinching game in 2012 against the Thunder, when he scored 23 points including seven clutch 3s.
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2012-13 record: 66-16

Amnesty player: Metta World Peace

Looking to trim payroll, the Lakers waived Metta World Peace, who averaged 12.4 points and 5.0 rebounds in 75 games last season, having joined the Lakers in 2009. A 14-year veteran who excelled defensively, World Peace has also played for Houston, Sacramento, Indiana and Chicago during his career.
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2012-13 record: 45-37

Amnesty player: Tyrus Thomas

The former No. 4 overall pick of the 2006 Draft, Thomas struggled to realize his potential in four seasons with Chicago. Thomas then played 3 1/2 seasons in Charlotte and, despite flashes of success there, he struggled to find a rhythm. By waiving Thomas, the Bobcats save $18.1 million in salary-cap space over the next two seasons.
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2012-13 record: 21-61

Current Players Waived Via Amnesty Provision:

In addition, here is a team-by-team breakdown of players waived via the amnesty provision since its inception before the 2011-12 season:

Team Player waived (Year) Waived player's next NBA team
Atlanta Hawks -- --
Boston Celtics -- --
Brooklyn Nets Travis Outlaw (2011) Kings (2011-12)
Charlotte Bobcats Tyrus Thomas (2013) --
Chicago Bulls -- --
Cleveland Cavaliers Baron Davis (2011) Knicks (2011-12)
Dallas Mavericks Brendan Haywood (2012) Bobcats (2012-13)
Denver Nuggets Chris Andersen (2012) Heat (2012-13)
Detroit Pistons -- --
Golden State Warriors Charlie Bell (2011) --
Houston Rockets Luis Scola (2012) Suns (2012-13)
Indiana Pacers James Posey (2011) --
L.A. Clippers Ryan Gomes (2012) --
L.A. Lakers Metta World Peace (2013) Knicks (2013-14)
Memphis Grizzlies -- --
Miami Heat Mike Miller (2013) --
Milwaukee Bucks Drew Gooden (2013) --
Minnesota Timberwolves Darko Milicic (2012) --
New Orleans Pelicans -- --
New York Knicks Chauncey Billups (2011) Clippers (2011-12)
Oklahoma City Thunder -- --
Orlando Magic Gilbert Arenas (2011) Grizzlies (2011-12)
Philadelphia 76ers Elton Brand (2012) Mavericks (2012-13)
Phoenix Suns Josh Childress (2012) Nets (2012-13)
Portland Trail Blazers Brandon Roy (2011) Wolves (2012-13)
Sacramento Kings -- --
San Antonio Spurs -- --
Toronto Raptors Linas Kleiza (2013) --
Utah Jazz -- --
Washington Wizards Andray Blatche (2012) Nets (2012-13)