Brooklyn Nets Season Ticket Policy

Brooklyn Nets Season Ticket Policy

The Brooklyn Nets season ticket policy limits sales to purchasers presently residing within the New York metropolitan area. Sales will be voided if the purchaser fails to produce proof of such residence, to the satisfaction of the Brooklyn Nets (as determined by the Brooklyn Nets in its sole discretion), if so requested by the Brooklyn Nets. 

Each purchaser is only permitted to purchase, control, coordinate, manage or direct (collectively, "control") a total of four (4) tickets-per-game (the "Ticket Limit"). The Brooklyn Nets reserve the right to determine whether multiple tickets in excess of the Ticket Limit are under the control of one (1) purchaser, which includes, without limitation: (i) any person related to purchaser; or (ii) any account(s) that is/are in any way tied, linked or related to a specific person or group that is in any way affiliated with each other or under common ownership, control or direction. The use of aliases, separate forms of payment or separate persons or third parties to circumvent the Ticket Limit constitutes a material breach of the Brooklyn Nets’ season ticket policy. Licensor will strictly enforce the Ticket Limit policy, refuse to sell to any person that would cause this policy to be violated and revoke licenses relating to any account that violates this policy. The Brooklyn Nets reserve the right to make exceptions to the Ticket Limit policy.

Any direct or indirect sale, resale, auction, assignment or transfer (collectively, "Resale") of Brooklyn Nets tickets must be done in accordance with laws. Any Resale in violation of law constitutes a material breach of this season ticket policy. Any attempt by two (2) or more persons to gain admission with both a cancelled ticket and any reissued ticket whether as part of a Resale transaction and/or otherwise transferred by purchaser constitutes a material breach of this policy.  THE BROOKLYN NETS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REQUIRE PROOF OF A PROPERLY ISSUED NEW YORK TICKET RESELLER LICENSE.


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