The Bridge | Season 1

Go behind the scenes with the Brooklyn Nets for the 2018-19 season. From practice to the locker room to the court to the community, take the journey through the season, only on The Bridge.

The Bridge: We in There

The Nets hit California and then clinch a playoff spot.

The Bridge: All-Star EP

D’Angelo Russell and the Nets hit Charlotte for All-Star Weekend.

The Bridge: An All-Star Emerges

A rookie grows and an All-Star emerges as the Nets win a classic in Houston and build a winning streak at Barclays Center.

The Bridge: Connecting with Fans

Connecting with fans and feeling the holiday spirit, the Nets turn things around with a hot streak.

The Bridge: Episode 3

Big shots and a big blow as Nets head west.

The Bridge: Practice in the Park

From Training Camp to the Practice in the Park, the Nets prep for opening night.

The Bridge: Building a Culture

Building a culture in Brooklyn.


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