Reed Living His Dream

By Kari Culver

Willie Reed’s had a busy summer. One of the Nets’ latest additions, Reed signed with the team in July during NBA Summer League. Reed comes to the Nets after spending the 2014-15 season in the NBA Development League with the Grand Rapids Drive and Iowa Energy. He posted averages of 16.4 points, 12.2 rebounds and 1.9 blocks in 33.7 minutes per game, earning All-NBA D-League First Team honors and All-Defensive First Team honors.

It’s one of many big changes for the Forward-Center, who also got married over the summer. sat down with Reed to talk about getting hitched, signing with the Nets and throwing out the first pitch at a Kansas City Royals game.

You were on the Heat’s Summer League roster when you signed with the Nets, what was your reaction when you got the call?
I was excited when I found out. I was having dinner with my wife and son, we were just sitting at a restaurant when I got the call and she just started crying. I called my mom and she started crying. It was just a great moment for all of us for me to finally reach my dream.

You recently got married, how was the wedding, and did you have any input in the planning?
The color…I got to pick the color I wanted to wear. It was either light pink or purple, so I chose purple. It was great, we had the wedding at the Botanical Gardens in Cleveland, so it was beautiful; it was amazing.

With training camp coming up, what’s your favorite offseason exercise?
I love doing sprints on the anti-gravity treadmill. It gets me prepared, it gets me ready. I can get in shape so once training camp comes around I’m already mentally and physically ready to take on any challenges thrown at me.

What’s a typical offseason day like for you?
Wake up in the morning, get breakfast together. I go workout around 10 in the morning. I’m done with my first workout of lifting and basketball around 12:30pm then I come home, eat lunch and do things with my family. Then I go back at night and put 250 shots up, run on the treadmill again and I go home eat dinner and go to sleep.

What are you looking forward to most about this upcoming season?
Getting together with all the guys and going out there, working hard and making the city proud. We’re gonna go out there and fight hard every day and we’re never gonna give up. I think being around a group of guys like that is gonna be amazing.

You’re throwing out the first pitch at a Kansas City Royals game. How excited are you to throw out a pitch in your hometown? How have you been preparing?
We’re one of the best teams in baseball right now and I grew up watching the Royals. I’m just a hometown kid, so to get the opportunity to throw out the first pitch it just shows that anything is possible and that I’m just living my dream. We’ve been practicing at the arena a little bit, but it’s been with a softball, so I’m hoping that it translates. Keep your fingers crossed for me because you don’t want to see me on SportsCenter in THAT Top 10.


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