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Tona Gashi

Nominated by Egzon Gashi

My mother has always powered my dreams. Ever since moving to New Jersey in 1999, we have been Nets fans. My mother works the night shift as a cleaning lady in NYC, and unfortunately, we aren't able to watch many games together because she is always working at night. That said, we do cherish the weekend games that we get to watch together. My mother, and her job, has powered my dreams by allowing me to attend college through a work-sponsored scholarship and never saying no to me when I had any needs or even wants. She deserves a new Honda because she is the most selfless person I know and she truly has powered mine and my siblings dreams for so many years.

Lourdes Sinchi

Nominated by Ariel Sinchi

My sister Lourdes inspired me to always keep working and to never give up. My sister has a condition called Marfan Syndrome that has affected her life style throughout the years. It was about 6 years ago when my sister started losing eye sight in one of her eyes. She then suffered from a heart condition that would permanently keep her from not working. My sister always had the dream to work as a teacher but she was not able to attain that goal due to her condition. The farthest she was able to get was working as a para professional but had to leave work due to health. My sister also was told that she could never have a baby of her own and that if she tried she might have a child with the same condition as her. Despite this my sister still took the risk and now she is the mother of healthy boy. Overall my sister has taught me to never give up in life. Despite her being hospitalized many times my sister has always looked at the bigger picture and that’s what has inspired me to work harder each and every day. She and her husband drive a 2006 Chevy that has been breaking down a lot and because she doesn’t work all the income comes from my brother in law. He uses the car to work and get around.

Vincenzo Chianese

Nominated by Bruno Chianese

Vincenzo Chianese who is my dad. He deserves it because my dad came here as an immigrant in 1994. He left my mom, brother, and me all in Italy for 6 months while he came here alone and found a job and a home. He’s been working nonstop to get to where he is today. I’ve seen him try a lot of things and succeed at mostly everything he does. He took some risks, but at the end most of them worked. He showed me what hard work means, and how success does not come easy. A couple of years ago I lost my brother. He was 21 years old. I’ve never seen my dad look beaten before that day. He is a very old school Italian but that day he cried like a baby. I’ll never forget how close he was to selling everything and moving back to Italy. For the first time in my life I thought my Dad has given up. Since that day both of my parents have not been the same. You can tell that a part of them died that day. I wish I could do something to let them know that things may never be how they were but that they will get better. He’s currently working 7 days a week from 10 in the morning to 10 at night. Every single day he does this to try to continue to move forward in life, and continue to support his family. Will a car magically bring my brother back? No it won’t, but would it show him that I do appreciate everything he does for us? Absolutely! It will be a day I can spend together with him and surprise him with a gift from me. Well it would be from you guys but I’d still take the credit for it. As I sat here writing this I just realized that maybe I should be as close as possible to him, because at the end of the day you never know what will happen. Life is not guaranteed and you should never take it for granted. I can only imagine what’s been going through his mind losing a son and having a wife with cancer. Anyways it’s been a tough few years but I know at the end of the day both him and my mom will end up on top. That’s just the person he is. He’ll always be my role model and the person who powers my dreams.

Is there someone significant in your life who has been instrumental in helping you achieve your dreams or influential in your community?

One lucky winner will be honored at the Nets vs. Bulls game on April 9 and given the keys to their new car.

Who Powered Your Dreams with Spencer Dinwiddie

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Who Powered Your Dreams with Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie talks to us about his journey through his career and the people influential in helping him get to this point.
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