Nets vs. Bucks Game 2: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 125-86 win over the Milwaukee Bucks.


On fast start, Griffin and Brown:

"They really came out and played well to start the game. A lot of energy, a lot of fight. Blake's been playing very well and doing all the little things and we know Bruce does that as well, so just their energy and fight was fantastic. It's contagious and I thought the whole group really performed well out of the gates."

On defending Giannis Antetokounmpo:

"I think we just competed. You could talk about schemes and all that stuff but really our fight and our level of competition, guys being locked in, being aware of the game plan and being able to take care of details has been outstanding. It's gotta continue. It's even gotta improve. They're gonna raise their level and we've gotta raise ours as well."

On intensity and continuity:

"We recognize that they're a very good team, and we have to bring everything we have. And then I think continuity and confidence is growing. So I think we're more aware of what we're trying to accomplish and in more scenarios, and that's helping us feel free to really go for it, play hard, compete, be willing and okay to make mistakes, but try to do the right things on both ends.”


On Brooklyn defense:

"I like our attention to detail, I like how we didn't get a lot of plays perfect but we made second and third efforts. They didn't destroy us on offensive rebounds, that showed we were boxing out, that was an emphasis for us. But for the most part we just did what we were supposed to do, win two at home now we got to see if this game is going to travel on the road for us and we got to stay locked in."

On importance of Game 3 in Milwaukee:

“I feel like that's every team's mentality if you got home court. We know how important Game 3's are and we know that their crowd is going to be in it from the second we get on the floor for warmups and we know their guys they play better and more comfortable when they sleep in their own beds and got their same routines at home. So we got our work cut out for us but we're looking forward to it.”

On Brooklyn's intensity:

“You got to credit that to the coaching staff. They do a good job of keeping us focused in shootarounds and practices and not letting us slip for a second on game plan practicing, it's been that way whenever we get a chance to practice this whole season. You got to credit the coaches for keeping us locked in then I try to help them out when we in the locker room by ourselves and trying to tell guys what I see and vice versa. Everybody's just got an open dialogue out there with what they see and we just try and correct it and follow the gameplan.”


On spark to fast start:

"I just think it was our pace. We were able to get stops, able to push the ball in transition and capitalize off a lot of opportunities we had with mismatches. We’ve just got to continue to be mature with the basketball, take care of it, and continue to do our parts out there. We’re asking each other to be at a certain level and it’s just paying dividends for us right now. We’ve just got to keep the same level of intensity or just paying attention to detail. Like I said before, going into Milwaukee it’s going to be unbelievable and energy and we’re just looking forward to the challenge.”

On taking 2-0 lead to Milwaukee:

"It's the nature of basketball at this level. I mean, being in the playoffs, understanding that the home crowd does make a difference and people play a lot more comfortable when they're at home. They've able to see their families, they're able to prepare. They're able to get the shots, they're able to weight lift, they're able to do the little things that keeps them in their routine or comfortable. So, we just want to come in and break their rhythm a little bit. Understand that runs are gonna happen. They're on their home floors. Those guys are looking for a response game and we just have to be prepared. It's simple. The fans aren't going to come on the court and block anybody's shots or do anything and that makes a difference in our communication. So, we just have to make sure we're doing those little things.”

On offensive unselfishness:

“That's how you play the game the right way. You know, we are very special individually but the selflessness which you're referring to is really what creates the difference. Defense is going to win us games down the stretch, but offensively playing the right way and trusting one another is — those little plays that make the difference towards the end of the game where we don't have to go for it all right then and there wherever the score is. So, like I said, this team, we've grown so much and we continue to do so. Obviously, we're missing James. You know, and we're just filling in the pieces for him.”