Nets vs. Bucks: Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 124-118 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.


On takeaway from two games vs. Bucks:

“I think it’s a great experience for us to recognize where we are. We’ve got a gap to make up here. We understand that’s a team that’s been running the same offense, been playing together, same schemes on defense for years now. Gone deep into the playoffs, and that’s something that we don’t have, so how can we make up that gap. That’s kind of our life in a nutshell heading home here. We’re trying to get everyone back to full health and we’re gonna try to overcome a lack of common experiences. That is our challenge as much as anything. While we do that, can we be more physical, can we be more connected, can we handle and control some of the controllables that can help us hang in some of these games and win some of these games while we’re trying to put the pieces together.”

On not calling timeout during Milwaukee 18-1 run:

“We could’ve called timeout here and there for sure, but I think there’s also part of our team that you want to learn to problem solve. We were getting looks at the basket for stretches, so you want to keep having them problem solve, you want to keep them attacking and tonight maybe I could’ve called another timeout but you also want to make sure you save a few for the end of the game so you’re always caught in a little dilemma. Maybe I should’ve, but at the same time I don’t think that was gonna make a big difference at that point.”

On physicality:

“I think it’s not necessarily the forte of our roster, but there’s no excuse for not trying to match or be more physical than the other team. That’s something we’ve got to work at, we’ve got to be diligent about. We’ve got to make it a tangible goal for ourselves and collectively do it, do it for one another. Go the extra mile for your teammates, that’s something we’ve got to emphasize and continue to grow into.”


On learning from two games vs. Bucks:

“I think we have our game plans going in and there are certain things you are willing to live with. I think we did a pretty good job from that standpoint. But every matchup is going to be a little bit different. Some of our game plan we did a pretty good job on. The things I mentioned earlier we obviously different.”

On being outrebounded:

“I’m definitely disappointed we were outworked. They were more physical than us on both ends of the floor. That can’t happen. We have to match the intensity. That’s a thing you can control. That’s on us. When a team is really long; Brook and Giannis in there getting offensive rebounds is one thing. We can’t let guards come in and affect the game the way they did. I mean Donte DeVincenzo had six offensive rebounds. That can’t happen. So we have to want it more and we have to be the more physical team on both ends of the floor."

On guarding Giannis Antetokounmpo:

"I'm looking for different stuff. I don't know that that's something I'm ready to sort of give up at this point. Maybe we'll talk about that a little later on in the season, but at the same time, he's a tough cover. When he gets in the paint, you have to be physical, but there's different things you key in on for sure."


On the fourth quarter:

"I thought our second unit did a good job to start the fourth. Getting the six-point lead but they had four of their starters in to start the fourth quarter so obviously they had more talent on the floor, having their guys on the floor that can change quickly. But I thought the start of the fourth quarter was pretty solid for us but they got a nice groove going in that fourth, made shots, made plays and you gotta give them credit."

On late 3-pointers missed:

"I should've drove. I shouldn't have shot the threes. I was kicking myself right after I shot 'em because I'd just got to the rim before that, so I should've drove. But I felt good shooting the ball, too, so, shit. I was just trying it there. But hindsight is always 20/20, so I wish I'd have drove it now."

On not having Bucks' history and continuity:

"That is a huge factor. Continuity is a big thing in this league. We got veterans on this team that played in different situations that know pretty much every terminology that goes on in this league and every kind of set that we run on both sides. That's in our advantage as well, having that veteran leadership but we still are a connected group. I feel like we've been together for years, too, so we gotta continue to keep building on that."