Nets vs. Trail Blazers: Kyrie Irving, Jeff Green, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 128-109 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers.


On being without players on a back-to-back:

“Of course, we recognize that the schedule is a part of this season, more so than ever. And that's for all teams; not just us. So there's been nights where we've probably won games where the other team’s in our position. So it's not an excuse; we’ve got to find ways to adapt. And I think that's been one of our strengths. This year, we've adapted and figured out ways to win games in different ways. Tonight, we didn't have our best stuff, and we couldn't find a way to do it. And overall, we just weren't really sharp. And that happens. So it's, what can we take from it?”

On defensive breakdowns:

“Part of it is we were blitzing Lillard, so they did a good job of moving the ball. We weren’t up to our usual standard in the blitz so I thought that we made some poor decisions. We were a little sluggish, a little late on some of our rotations, caught sleeping a little bit at times instead of being proactive in making it more difficult at the point of contact, which made the exit pass easier. So, not a really sharp performance from us, and we all recognize that, we’ll look at that and we’ll try to tighten up.”

On Lillard's deep 3-pointers:

“It does make it difficult to cover someone when they’re pulling up from center circle. Having said that, you can weather a few of those. It’s the other ones (where) there’s a breakdown in coverage, we fall asleep, those are the ones that kill you. But if he’s gonna come over halfcourt and make some of those, you can live with a few of those. It’s the breakdowns that you can’t live with.”


On Portland pulling away:

“A guy named Dame Lillard and also some of their other guys that made some big plays. We were putting two on the ball, getting some good open looks and just making some reads off of those double teams and we just weren’t in the right spot tonight a few times. So, they paid us back. ”

On making upcoming road trip successful:

“Just continuing to find consistency throughout, you know, kind of what we’re gearing up for toward the end of the season. Really just staying healthy and doing everything we can to come out on the winning side. Obviously, that won’t come easy being on the road. We’ve been tested a few times this year, but I think this road trip means a little bit more because it is toward the end of the season and we just want to play well and we want to do the right things. So, just excited to continue to build while we kiss our families goodbye for the next 11 days and we just have fun just being tighter as a group.”

On thinking about No. 1 seed:

"We're just having fun man. We're enjoying the journey. Wherever we land, I think we'll be proud. Like I said the circumstances of the season to still be the No. 1 seed or still be fluctuating between one and two, it's a blessing man. All the injuries that have been happening, just surprises that come up, we just want to stay resilient as a group and just get prepared for what's coming in the next few weeks. That's the exciting part playing in these different environments on the road, that's exciting as well, but just getting tighter as a group throughout some of these games where we'll learn a lot is what I'm looking forward to."


On Portland breaking game open:

"You credit Dame. He got ‘em going. I don’t know how many threes in a row which opened the lead and they capitalized off that. We didn’t make shots. Got kind of lackadaisical and we had a couple offensive possessions that didn’t go our way and they capitalized off that. You’ve got to credit them. They were the hungrier team tonight and they got it done.”

On focusing on No. 1 seed:

“I’m gonna be honest. We haven’t talked about it. Speaking individually I haven’t focused much on it. My focus has been these games coming every other day and I help make sure all guys are healthy and trying to prepare for these games. I haven’t really paid much attention to what standings are and what position. We’ve got — how many games we got left? Eight games left. When these eight games are over you can ask me again.”

On defensive breakdowns and Lillard's shooting range:

“You’ve gotta credit Dame for everything he does well on the floor. His ability to shoot from damn near halfcourt is amazing, man. Kind of pushes our pickup point further out which creates more space on the floor for their teammates. You’ve gotta credit his offensive abilities 100 percent with the schemes that we try to run. I forgot your second question because it was super long, but yeah, Dame played great. He’s a great player. We just didn’t get it done in the third quarter when they went on that lead.”