Nets vs. Pacers: Kevin Durant, Alize Johnson, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 130-113 win over the Indiana Pacers.


On player empowering one another:

“I don’t know if I have any tangible anecdotes, but I just feel like our environment is strong and guys love to compete together and have formed a bond throughout the course of the year where, frankly, we’ve had no choice, but we’ve taken on the opportunity to come together and to play different rotations, combinations, lineups, and so I think that is a facet of our team where you can say all the negatives of what’s gone on this season, but the positive is we’ve found a way to hold it together and here we are, we’re 43-20 with 30-something different starting lineups and all the things that have been thrown at us. Really proud of the group, the environment, the way they come to play no matter who is in or out and they believe they can win.”

On upcoming stretch of road games vs. tough opponents:

“Tough stretch where we’re on the road a lot. I think we’re home for seven days of this 31-day period. It’s important for us to stay focused, to do everything we can to get better, to win games, and also to prepare for the playoffs. So there’s a lot going on this time of year and I think the remaining focus and having our eye on the bigger picture is important, but at the same time, like I said pregame, things change from day to day and this season has been so unpredictable that we really have to just take it moment by moment and be prepared to adapt and adjust daily and still perform. So tomorrow will be a different challenge. We’ll see who’s available tomorrow and how it looks and we’ll go play a very good Portland team and try to put in a good performance.”

On confidence in players for playoff rotations:

“We feel confident that all of our guys can play in the playoffs. It's just a matter of rotations and how many minutes can go around. You're gonna play heavy minutes for your top players, and then your rotations shorten a little bit. So is there enough minutes to go around? Not for everybody. But at the same time, there could be situations that could be rotations matchup series that that line up for one of the guys on the bench that's on the fringe and the rotation. So, we have confidence in all these guys, we try to empower them to play their game and be confident. And if there's a matchup for some of these guys in the playoffs or a role that they can really step into, that's possible from game-to-game, series-to-series. But it's not possible for everyone to play and for us to have the same rotation where everyone gets minutes, just because you shorten it and guys are playing more minutes in the playoffs. But what we have confidence in Alize obviously certainly, someone that will go in and defend and grab rebounds and run the floor and do things that can definitely add when you get into the playoffs and you need a spark. So, like many of our guys, we have confidence in him, but it's hard to say right now what the rotation would be in the playoffs.”


On culture allowing players to step up:

“It's just having that support from the coaching staff allows a lot of guys to go out there and play free. We see guys developing throughout the season because they're being put in different situations: Landry, Joe, Tyler, Alize came in and gave us great minutes. So I think guys, younger guys in the league still trying to find their footing, this year was good for them because a lot of them can develop different parts of their game, play with different lineups, play more minutes. So I think that next man mentality has been preached to us since day one and we've taken advantage of it.”

On what he likes about competition:

“I love the mental aspect of just how to approach the game. Every night is different, I feel like, They threw a little box and one at me, they double teamed me as soon as i touched it in the post, they played zone, so just coming into a game and not knowing what a coach is gonna throw at me, and as the game starts to go on, me figuring it out, I think that's the funnest part for me.”

On potentially playing back-to-back vs. Portland:

"First, I'm gonna take direction from the coaching staff. My teammates understand what the situation is, so I've just got to be ready for any situation, I feel like. And when I'm out there playing, I like to take it one possession at a time and see what happens. I had to come back in the fourth and maybe I could have negotiated it a little bit better if I didn't have to come back the fourth for next game, but it is what it is. I tried to take it a possession at a time and just trust in what the coaching staff and training staff want me to do."


On playing with Durant:

"That's a guy I watch growing up. Just to see him do something like that makes it easy for me when he's scoring points and then when we miss a shot and getting rebounds and creating extra possessions. watching that coming down the floor after you go get a rebound and him coming down and scoring the ball it gives me time to relax and it's fun. It's fun to watch. Honestly. "

On emotions returning to Indiana:

“It was crazy. I lived here for two years and met a lot of great people a lot of good memories and when I was coming on the plane I was thinking of all the time I spent here and to get back here and see everybody and actually get an opportunity to play, I didn't really play much when I was here I was ready to go out there and prove to everybody that I belong in the NBA and want to stay here for a long time.”

On potentially playing in playoffs:

“It's nice because we have the stay ready group that me and you have talked about before. You know, we try to go out there and every time we get an opportunity, make the most of it. For me it's just good reps. You never know when I might get out there. You know, I might get used in the playoffs, I might not. But whenever they call my name — every time they call my name I'm going to be ready to play.”