Nets vs. Raptors: Joe Harris, Blake Griffin, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 114-103 loss to the Toronto Raptors.


On Raptors defending Harris after fast start:

“They locked in to Joe. They got into him. They were switching a lot of actions, made it difficult to get him open looks. He’s going to get open looks out of the flow of the game more so in that scenario and that wasn’t to be tonight. I think they recognized right away that he’s having a hot night and tried to take him out so we didn’t get enough looks for him. That’s gonna happen sometimes, but he creates space for other people as well. We just weren’t able to make shots elsewhere, but he got us off to a great start and also caused openings for other players.”

On Landry Shamet:

“I thought he looked, I don’t want to say looked tired because he still played his butt off, played well other than the shooting. It’s a lot. It’s a guy that hasn’t been playing this many minutes not consecutively playing a lot of minutes. It takes its toll. There’s gonna be a bump in the road at some point. Tonight it just looked like he couldn’t quite get the ball in the basket. But played his butt off, played hard, he’s been great for us. All his looks we love and want him to take. He’ll bounce back from that for sure. He’s playing excellent basketball for us.”

On Bruce Brown:


On team dealing with injuries:

"It’s obviously a difficult situation, but this is sort of the place that a lot of teams are in right now. You’ve got to play with the guys that you have. I still feel like we were competitive, we were there, just some momentary lapses there at the end of the game in different spurts. At the start of the second half, we let them go on a few different runs. It was tough after a back-to-back, short-handed, but you can’t use that as an excuse because everybody is dealing with the same sort of circumstances here at the end of the year.”

On Toronto defense after his hot start:

“Toronto is a good defensive team and they make adjustments over the course of a game depending on who’s making plays, who’s not. Obviously, they guarded Ky, loaded up on him, blitzing all his ball screens to try and get the ball out of his hands. And then, they did a better job sort of just being there on a lot of my catches, trying to take away threes, making guys put it on the deck.”

On playing for No. 1 seed:


On playing both ends of back-to-back:

“I felt alright, I mean obviously not the outcome we wanted, but physically felt alright.”

On playing for No. 1 seed:

“Any time I think you can lock up the number one seed it is a good thing -- it's not out of our reach. It is not the end all be all either. We're going to be smart, we're not going to force guys to play injured. We want to be healthy for the playoffs. So, it's the goal, but there's bigger goals along with that as well.”

On playing center:

“To be honest I haven't put a lot of thought into it. Kind of taking wherever they come to be honest. Doesn't change a whole lot of what you do on the court. Maybe roll a little bit more. I just want to be prepared when my number is called.”