Nets vs. Pelicans: Kyrie Irving, Landry Shamet, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 134-129 win over the New Orleans Pelicans.


On Kyrie Irving stripping Zion Williamson at end of game:

“It ended up being a great play. He had the option to foul him on the catch. He made a heck of a defensive play and luckily we got the call off whatever body part it went off, so that was pivotal in that we didn’t have to guard another possession.”

On end of game for Kyrie Irving compared to Miami on Sunday:

“I think that’s the difference between Miami and; Miami just wasn’t giving him those angles. They were really zoning up and loading off him and there was really not much place for him to go. I think tonight there was more space for him and he was able to get in the cracks a little bit easier.”

On all-around group effort:


On end of game compared to Miami:

"We just made shots. I think in the last three minutes in the Miami game we should have had maybe two, three plays just to be able to run and I think tonight we were just playing off each other really well and making some easy plays. Just worked out in our favor.”

On playing shorthanded:

“The attention to detail, the focus is definitely going to need to be at a different level now that we don't have some guys in the lineup. With some of the NBA teams, you just see them figuring it out, this process. So, we're not the only ones in kind of that position, but all we can do is focus on what we can control out there and those guys have been doing a great job staying ready — you know that group that we've labeled that stay ready group — they're just going out there and doing it. And now we are asking them to do it a little bit more often. So, offensively and defensively be a lot more communicative. And, you know, we're going against teams in the second half of the season, we're winding down so, the level of play is definitely raised. And teams are definitely trying to get in position throughout the standings, so we've just got to be aware of that Eastern and Western conference and we just have to be able to just go out there and play. So, looking forward to continuing to coach and leading the young guys with all of us here.”

On potential effect of Harden layoff:


On balanced effort:

“That's kind of part of this season. That's the opposite goal that not only us but other teams are having to face and it's just an opportunity for guys to step up, so that's how we viewed it and regardless of who we have on the floor we still have the same goal in mind. We're trying to get better, heading into the playoffs you know be the best we can be. It doesn't matter who's on the floor, who's not playing, who's suited up, whatever, same approach and I think we had a slow start early but as the game progressed we kind of picked it up and I'm happy with how we closed the game for sure.”

On career high eight assists:

“I just try to make the right play. Whatever I see in front of me, if I got guys in front of me and I know I got a dude open, I'm gonna pass it to him because I trust my teammates, I play with some really good teammates so I like when they're taking shots. Or if I got an open look I'm going to take an open look because I know they want me to do that. It's just making basketball plays and that's kind of all there really is.”

On final minutes compared to Sunday: