Nets vs. Hornets: Kevin Durant, Joe Harris, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 130-115 win over the Charlotte Hornets.


On 3-point shooting after off night vs. Sixers:

"Philly is the second-best defense in the league and is a little tougher opponent, especially short-handed a little bit. Tonight, Charlotte played really hard, they’re a good defensive team, but they give up threes. So, it’s just a component of the game. I think Joe got some rhythm, but overall, we shot over 50 percent from three and moved the ball pretty well and were efficient offensively other than the turnovers."

On Nets with 35 assists:

“I think we got bogged down at times, trying to isolate against a team that really loads up and kind of zones well on isolations. We had 18 turnovers, which obviously we want to clean up, but the assist totals were great for us to move the ball and create opportunities and to not think as much and continually attack, attack, attack. I think that helped us out, especially in the second half, where we kind of got going offensively.”

On Durant's 11 assists:

“Kevin has the freedom to dribble up and shoot and he’s good at that. However, I think you want to be on top of people’s rim and in their paint and constantly put pressure on the defense, let them make mistakes so it’s not all home runs. They foul, they miss a rotation, they’re in rotations and you get on the glass. That’s a really efficient long-term sustainable offensive theory in my eyes. But they loaded up really well on Kevin’s isolations tonight, but he delivered, made some great passes. He kept it simple. He had a few turnovers early, but he kept it simple, made the correct read, put it on the money, and that’s a facet of his game that maybe is underappreciated.”


On quick shots over defenders and 11 assists:

"It was more of a rhythm thing. I kind of make that decision last second, you know, somebody's hands down or if I get a little space or also look at the clock and see how the game is flowing. There is a lot of stuff that goes through my mind you know as I'm dribbling up the court. It's good to have that shot in my pocket though. But 11 assists, I think my teammates were available all night and it was on me to find 'em. I thought Charlotte did a good job of just swarming the paint and swarming the basketball and I think they made good decisions all night."

On offensive chemistry with teammates:

"I just think my experience in the league has helped me in any situation. I mean, I know you know what sets we run, I know where guys are going to be, where they like the ball, but I am a scorer first and I think that is what opens up my passing — when I am aggressive to score, I can get my guys open and find them for open shots so, just being in the league for so long and experiencing different defenses and sets. You know, I'm able to kind of adapt."

On taking advantage of Charlotte 3-point defense:

“I think Charlotte is so athletic, sometimes they put two on the ball. They focus on the ball a lot, and if you don’t move the basketball against them, your offense can get stagnant. I think we made an extra pass every time down. So when teams start to play us that way where they’re trapping pick and rolls, rotating, early rotating, we make a couple passes, we can put them in a vulnerable position. Tonight was a good test for us.”


On shooting better from 3-point than vs. Sixers:

“Philly did a good job defensively. I think in total we didn’t make too many threes, I can’t remember exactly what the number was but I know it was one of our lowest of the season. It’s not that we live and die by threes, but when the three-ball is going for us it opens up a number of other options offensively. But a lot of times the threes are going for us because everything is all in sync; the defense is there, we’re able to get out in transition, get easier looks that way. Against Philly it was tough from the start. It seemed like we were playing against a set defense for most of the night.”

On adding side-step and step-back 3-pointers:

“It’s not something I typically do, but it is one of these things where this past offseason and even now during the season I work on little stuff like that to create space. For me, a lot of times it’s really just about trying to hunt and find space to get shots, whether that’s moving without the ball or when you have it, flybys, side-steps, things of that nature. I have been working on it, but it’s definitely one of those things where it’s so much of a feel thing over the course of a game. I think because I was able to get some shots early on it made it a little bit easier to feel it out later on.”

On Blake Griffin's impact:

“Blake, the charge that he took, some of the defensive plays that he was making, just doing all the little stuff, being in the right position, and then offensively, he’s one of those guys we can play through whether he’s in the post or playing that trail big position a lot of stuff can be run through him because he is a very dynamic offensive player. He can step out and shoot but he can also handle it and pass the ball really well and it makes it difficult for teams to guard when you surround him with shooters and then you have Claxton in there playing the dunker spot where Blake is more of a facilitator-type mode.”