Nets vs. Sixers: Kyrie Irving, Alize Johnson, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 123-117 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.


On what he was proud of:

“I think the connectivity and the fighting spirit. They came out and tried to win the game. I thought they played pretty well in the first half against an excellent team. Second half the game got away from us a little bit, but we didn't give up. Scrapped, so that connectivity that fighting spirit, those are non-negotiables. It's hard. This season is so many games and so many things thrown at us to continually dig deep and find that; but our group did it again tonight. Didn't get the win, but I thought the performance was solid.”

On considering bringing Irving back into game:

“Little bit. Little bit. Thought about it. But really, I didn’t want to take the group out that was doing so well. They put their starters back in. I wanted to reward those guys for playing as well as they did. Kyrie was amazing for us tonight, but he also has had a few days off. I didn’t want to put him back in and risk any return to play injury. Overall I’m just proud of the way the guys played and happy that we kept him out and kept everyone healthy througout the game.”

On defense vs. Embiid:


On reserves rally in fourth quarter:

"Just played their hearts out. That's all you can ask coming out here to play the game that we all love. Just to go out there and compete. You know I'm sure they were chomping at the bit. Especially to get that win down the stretch for us and I feel like they grew as a group, we grew as a team and they learned some things out there playing against a high level playoff team that we can potentially see down the line. So it was a fun game overall."

On value of fourth quarter playing time:

"You can't make up experience, can't fastrack someone to being an experienced veteran so when you have opportunities to be able to play some tough close games in the regular season then I feel like that does wonders for them in terms of their growth. We don't have the majority of the starters out there towards the end of the stretch going against a playoff-driven team, a championship-driven team. You kind of want to see they're made of out there on their own being coached well. We were just standing up for them, supporting them and next time I'm sure that they'll come out with a win down the stretch with that group. I'm sure that they'll be down with that same group whenever the last few games are in the regular season."

On Jordan catching lobs, back in rotation:

“Each time I'm getting going downhill I feel like having a lob threat at the rim, the other opposing big has to pick his poison whether you're going to leave me with my floater or allow James or KD or Landry or one of our other guys on our team to keep getting downhill and attack the rim or you're going to step up and throw lobs or you're going to revert back and kind of live with that in between game that happens in the midrange. You know, so I think he does a great job of being in the right space and when he's rolling hard like that, it makes my job a lot easier to go throw it to the right places or throw it to places where people can't get 'em. We've seen that capability from DJ his whole career. It's not really a surprise. But what's a big surprise is just seeing kind of the attitude towards NBA players in general in terms of when they don't play, you know it's just like, 'He's washed' or 'This guy doesn't do this.' And it's just like, I'll leave that for the fandom and the audience that enjoys NBA basketball games and loves criticizing all of us -- 'He can't play anymore!' -- we see all of it inevitably and we work so hard every single day diligently taking care of our bodies, taking years off of our legs at times trying to get ready for these games and you see an NBA player go out and play well, it's just in his DNA. He's been playing basketball since he was in eighth grade, seventh grade. So, it's not hard to be at a high level and stay there consistently. But we want to see him carry on that effort consecutively into the next game whether he's playing or not. So, he's doing a great job of keeping that mentality and adjusting his attitude to just being ready at all times. And it's not easy formation to get a bunch of great veteran guys who have done a bunch of unbelievable things in this league and then kind of mesh it together. So, we'll see what happens. But we've just got to be a lot tougher, stay together and we'll be okay.”


On impact on game:

“Coach gave me an opportunity, tried to just go out there and make something happen. My opportunities are slim sometimes, sometimes are better, but I just want to go out there and help the team as much as possible, and we got as close as we could.”

On Nash sticking with reserves after closing the gap:

“Steve’s a great coach, great guy, and when you’ve got a coach like that that rewards you in situations like that, probably could have gone back with the starters but stuck with us. It just means he believes in us, and it’s one of the reasons why I like being here. When I had my interview previous to this, I was talking about how they make me feel comfortable here, and he does that, the whole team does that, it’s just a great team to be on.”

On what it means to play clutch minutes: