Nets vs. Pelicans: Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 139-111 win over New Orleans

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 139-11 win over the New Orleans Pelicans.


On bringing Kevin Durant off the bench:

"We just thought it was an opportunity to give him a chance to play in the second half, or if the game is tight to be able to play down the stretch. That way we could manage his minutes and his minute limitations in a way that could allow him to have an impact on the game if it was close. Not much more to it really.”

On lineup combinations with Durant:

“You could see I think that’s there’s lots of potential there. It’s not hard to play basketball with Kevin Durant. I think he’s gonna make guys better. He demands a lot of attention and creates a lot of space on the floor. He’s a shotmaker, but he creates a lot for his teammates as well, whether it’s through passing or his presence. I think that his length also helps the group in a number of ways. He affects his teammates so positively, so I think a lot of the combinations are going to improve because of him being back in the lineup.”

On Kyrie Irving's skills finishing at the rim:

“He’s one of the most skilled basketball players I’ve ever seen. He’s one of the best shot-creators and makers, and I say that, not just by his size, for any build, any body type. He can create and make shots at the highest level, and he happens to be 6-foot-2 inches. It just makes it a degree of difficulty more remarkable, his accuracy and creativity more remarkable. He’s just an unbelievable player. Fun to watch.”


On Nets offense in second quarter:

“When we move our bodies and we move the basketball the way we did and we talk on defense it's fun out there. You have veteran players that know how to play and it feels like these guys can finish my sentence before I even finish. So these guys know the game inside out they know me they know one another as teammates and from playing against each other over the years so it's pretty smooth.”

On first time playing with Claxton, Griffin, Aldridge:

“We've always been in communication about different sets and different actions when I was on the bench and practices and film room. So I felt like we were learning each other throughout that time and then finally getting on the floor we didn't have to say much. I feel like we know each other's games and we know exactly what to do on each play. So guys have been in constant communication no matter if it's a game or off day and I think it helps.”

On chemistry when team is whole:

“We got veterans that know how to play the game of basketball. We have a coaching staff that most of the guys played and know how to explain the game in simple terms. I think that will help us going forward especially with guys being out. As far as late in the season we want everybody and need everybody on the court to actually see how this stuff works. But we got a good gauge on who we are as a team and we want these guys especially James, Landry, TJ we want them to be 110 percent when they get back out on the floor. But in the meantime everybody's just always talking about the game. Everybody here loves to play.”


On Kevin Durant's impact:

“As soon as he checks in the game, defenses sort of shift their attention. Him hitting shots obviously helps but also him not forcing it, I thought he did such a great job of letting the game come to him. It’s easy to try to rush and try to go get it on your own, but he just changed the game for our offense and defense.”

On getting Durant back and building chemistry:

“It’s a good step to getting there. I don’t know that my sentiment is that ‘it’s all gonna work out.’ We have work to do. We have to focus and put the time in and make sure that we’ve cleaned up the areas we need to clean up. You’ve seen a lot of talent lose on teams before, so that’s not really; I wouldn’t say that’s the locker room’s mindset.”

On playing with the Nets:

“Anytime you are around a lot of like-minded guys, guys you’ve played with or known for a long time, played with and against, it’s just sort of refreshing. There’s just like that common goal and everyone is focused on that one thing. That’s always nice but. Other than just like a change of scenery, from top to bottom this organization does an unbelievable job of taking care of their guys and thinking of everything. As a player you always appreciate that.”

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