Nets vs. Knicks: Kyrie Irving, Jeff Green, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

Postgame quotes from the 114-112 win over New York

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 114-112 win over the New York Knicks.


On Harden leaving game:

“Very similar to last time, just an awareness of something’s not right in his hammy. His scan was clean as we reported. His strength test when he came back in the locker room were normal. So it’s just something where we have to protect. Have to trust him. Very frustrating for James. But we can’t risk it if we can afford not to. That depends on trust between us and James and making sure that he feels comfortable in the decision and tonight I thought the right decision was not to take any risks with him. Who knows? This may linger. It may be all behind us like we thought it was before the game but it’s just one of those things where the scan is clean, the strength tests are clean but he feels something, so we’re gonna err on the side of caution.”

On offensive execution in fourth quarter:

“I thought we did a really good job. We got our signals crossed a little bit on the one turnover. Other than that, great experience for our guys to see, again, similar to some of our other games recently we haven’t had guys that would typically be in there at the end of the game, so they’re getting experience and reps in different looks. Tonight they were running a second defender at Kyrie. For the most part, we handled the situations quite well, the turnover. Just incredibly proud of the guys the way they played in the second half.”

On overcoming injuries:

“It’s a group effort. The players have to buy into their roles. The stay ready group is important. I mean, look at tonight, Chiozza got in and contributed, Alize was outstanding, TLC played extended minutes, guys that have been in the stay ready group recently. I’m proud of the amount of guys that contributed. We have a positive attitude in our locker room, a winning mentality, and regardless of who’s out there or not, we’re going to go for it. We’re going to find a way to come together and win. You can’t win every night, but you try to figure it out and solve problems every night and the guys were terrific tonight again at finding a way.”


On offensive execution in fourth quarter:

“We usually have a package that we go to toward the end of the game, and the Knicks were running a ‘hit,’ so they were running a double-team. A few times down the last three minutes, they were pretty successful at getting the ball in someone else’s hands to take a tough shot or influence the shot. So when there was less than 40 seconds left or 50 seconds left and I had that turnover, it takes the wind out of the sails a little bit, having a possession that we could have maximized. Things happen, you learn from it, but I’m glad we came out with the win. Like I said, it was a total team effort. The guys did a great job supporting each other and me.”

On defensive physicality:

“Yeah, that’s when we’re at our best. I think we learned from last night being able to kind of start a little slow but being able to pick it up and get the stops that’s needed. The physicality definitely picked up and as you can see, Brian, it definitely propelled us to being in the lead going into that fourth quarter. But it doesn’t happen without the effort, it doesn’t happen without following details and also making them miss shots. In the first half, Reggie Bullock gets it going, a few guys get some makeable shots and they didn’t feel us at all. A few guys felt good, and then we made a difference in the second half and influenced some misses. Luckily, a few bounces went our way, and we got on a run.”

On seeing double-team defenses:

“Well, shoot honestly I've seen as many defenses as you can imagine, since I've been 11 years old. I haven't been great since I was 11 years old, but I've been seeing the deepness is trying to stop and stop the team. So when teams start running that hit or that double team action from the top of the key, we’ve just got to be able to have a package that we run to. And it's a very simple game at that point. They take two on the ball, and then we play four-on-three on the backside. It just comes down to decision making and I felt like (Jeff Green) had a chance to increase the lead when he missed those two 3s and then went in and had a shot at the rim with his left hand. I don't know what he was doing. But you know plays like that, on the defensive end when the opponent is trying to double team or get the ball out of my hands the best thing to do is just simplify the game. Anytime they take two on the ball, make the simple play and pass it. And that's the pretty simple game of basketball. So seen it all, seen it all.”


On getting the offensive rebound for winning free throws:

“I'm going to be honest, I think they just tried to get the ball out of Ky’s hands. Joe got open. Joe had a great look. Joe had an amazing look. Hit the back rim and we made a play on the offensive rebound. TLC I believe was the one to go up and tried to tip it. Came right to me and I just tried to make a play at the rim.”

On coming back from 11 points down in third quarter:

“I think we were a little relaxed – too relaxed. We allowed them to get comfortable. And then when we picked up our pace, we picked up our aggression on the defensive end. We got stops and we got out in transition, got some easy buckets, and it got us going with the energy. Alize, TLC, Nic – those guys came in and gave us amazing energy that let us keep that lead, and we tried to keep that pace going. So, I think we allowed them to get comfortable and that’s why we got down. We allowed Reggie (Bullock) to get going from the 3-point line with them. So we just had to pick up our aggression on the defensive end.”

On making free throws late after missing early:

“I had to calm myself. I was very, very frustrated with myself for missing those free throws. Even the one in the second half. I don’t know what’s going on. I’m glad I got the two when it counted, and I guess tomorrow I’ll be at the free throw line trying to make my free throws.”

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