Nets vs. Pacers: James Harden, Joe Harris, and Steve Nash Top Quotes

See what the Brooklyn Nets had to say after their 124-115 win over the Indiana Pacers.


On starting with smaller lineup:

“You’re damned if you damned if you don’t in a way. If you put all your size out there to start the game you can run out of it as well. So we know Bruce can be so effective against bigs at times, so we took a shot at that. Their length bothered us, but at the same time we did damage in the first quarter by getting fouls on Turner. I think that upset him and it upset them a little bit. So, that long lineup was tough and tricky; but our guys weathered it and was able to throw a lot more at them by the end of the night.”

On defending Sabonis:

“Our defense is different. We switch, and we asked them to go find him in the post while we fronted and make them throw balls over the top in those small gaps. We gave them a few of those today but we didn't panic. We stuck with it. Our activity was outstanding, we kept the ball in front for the most part. So I thought they did a good job of handling, he’s such a versatile player. He makes his teammates better and he can score inside or out. But I think we also made it difficult for them, and it wasn't necessarily something they were comfortable with.”

On Nic Claxton

"He was gassed at times tonight. I think everyone was with the shorter bench. Heavy minutes. We tried to take a couple timeouts in the fourth just to give them a breather. Nic is, he’s in between. Obviously you could see his activity and length and the things that he can do to help our team but you have to be careful overplaying him. That’s why we took some of those timeouts, to give him and James and Joe and extra breather. Nic’s doing great. We love the profile he brings to our team, long, mobile big who’s active and plays hard and he was definitely a big factor tonight.”


On turning the game around:

“We had 16 turnovers. You know we were just giving them the ball and coach said before once we are a really good team — we are a great team — once we get shots at the rim, shot attempts at the rim. And we gave away 16 opportunities at that. So, if we can limit those and get as many shot attempts at the rim as we can, it is better for our team. But we just got shots, that's it. We stopped turning the basketball over, stopped giving them transition points, gang rebound and offensively, we settled down and got into the game and just got what we wanted: a shot every single time. Whether we made it or missed it, that's besides the point and for the most part, we made it when it counted.”

On comparison to Phoenix comeback:

“I don't want to be down 15. I don't want to be down, but you know Phoenix they're a good team, they're a good team at home we turned the ball over, we didn't rebound the basketball in that first half. Second half we did the opposite, we gave ourselves a chance. Obviously we don't want to get used to having KD and Kyrie out of the lineup but if we do then guys have to be ready to step up. I think Tyler did a really good job throughout the course of the game. Once again we preach every night is going to be somebody different. And so be ready and be prepared for the opportunity. Take advantage of it.”

On group effort:

"Our effort was great as a team, especially after that 15, 20 deficit. When we started to come back in the second quarter, and even in the second half we were great defensively. You know, just being more physical, communicating more, seeing what they were trying to do and taking it away and that is all it was.”


On being tied for first place:

"To be honest, I don't think we really think about that too much. We're really just pretty simply trying to come out and win every single night, regardless of all the external things.”

On Bruce Brown:

“He does all the little stuff for us, and tonight was no different: The 50-50 balls, he was in the right spot defensively, he asserted himself, being aggressive, especially on that end. He just does a little bit of everything almost every game, and even tonight where his shot wasn't necessarily falling, he still has a huge impact on the game.”

On coming back from 16 points down:

"I would say we were a little more assertive, but we were taking better care of the ball. It's pretty hard to defend when we turn it over and teams get out in transition."